How do I create a new PDF file from a portion of existing PDF?

Question: I have a textbook in PDF format, and I want to take one chapter from it and create a new PDF of that one chapter only. How can I do that?

Answer: According to your needs, you can have a free trial of PDF VeryPDF PDF Split-Merge, which can help you take one chapter from it and create a new PDF of that one chapter only. There are either GUI version of this software or command line version, so this software can satisfy your all kinds of needs. In the following part, I will show you how to use this software by the command line version.

Step 1. Download PDF Split-Merge Command Line

  • There are many versions splitters stated on Try and Buy website, please make sure download the version or else the usage is different.
  • Once downloading finishes, there will be an exe file. Different with other command line software, there is no zip file. You need to install the exe file then you can find the command line package and executable file. When installation finishes, you can also use it as the GUI version software.

Step 2.  Create a new PDF from a portion a existing PDF file.

  • When you use this software, please refer to the usage and examples in command line Windows. You need to go to installation folder to find exe file named as pdfpg.exe and call it from MS Dos Windows then can find parameters and examples. There is no help documents in installation folder.
  • Here are some parameters for your reference.
  • burst       : burst PDF file to PDF files, one page per PDF file
    split <int> : split PDF file by every n pages
    bookmark    : split PDF file by bookmarks, append page number to filena
    bookmark2   : split PDF file by bookmarks, without page number in filen
    mergeform   : merge two fillable PDF files together
    crossmerge  : cross merge two PDF files together with compression
    crossmerge2 : cross merge two PDF files together without compression
    getpagecount: retrieve page count from PDF file
    addbookmark <int> : create bookmark to PDF file
    set RetainBookmarks on/off: enable or disable bookmarks
    set RetainAcroForms on/off: enable or disable AcroForms

  • When you need to create a new PDF from a portion of an existing PDF file, please refer to the following command line template.
     pdfpg.exe delete C:\A.pdf,1,3 C:\out.pdf
    pdfpg.exe delete C:\A.pdf,-20,50 C:\out.pdf
    pdfpg.exe delete C:\A.pdf,1,3- C:\out.pdf
    pdfpg.exe delete C:\A.pdf,1,2,3 C:\out.pdf
    pdfpg.exe delete C:\A.pdf,1,1-9 C:\out.pdf
    pdfpg.exe delete C:\A.pdf,even C:\out.pdf
    pdfpg.exe delete C:\A.pdf,odd C:\out.pdf
    You do not need to extract some portion of PDF file by the command line but you need to delete pages that you do not need to keep.  Say by the last command line you can delete all the odd pages from existing PDF file. So by this way, you can also keep that small portion you need in the PDF file. When deleting, you can choose the keep bookmark or not. When deleting pages, those pages could be not continuously, say you can delete pages like 1-20,50.

By this software, you can also merge PDF files from many to one. During the using, if you have any questions, please contact us as soon as possible.

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