pdfstamp command line add black line to output PDF file

I just bought a Server License for PDFSTAMP Command Line product.
Some days ago I asked for a problem using the demo version that put a black line on top of the first page. Your reply was that it was due to the demo version and the line will disappear with licensed version. The black line is still there even if I'm using a registered version. I can send you the original PDF the new PDF and the command I use to obtain the new PDF. Could you please verify why the above mentioned line is present on the output file?

I’m using following command line,

pdfstamp.exe -pdf "Input.pdf" -o "Output.pdf" -al  -AT "PV 5130003" -p1 -ml -mlr460 -mtb115 -fs18 -ft "Arial" -AT "31-05-2013" -p1 -ml -mlr490 -mtb154 -fs14 -ft "Arial" -AT "13103762" -p1 -ml -mlr550 -mtb173 -fs8 -ft "Arial" -SR -S1 –E1




Please remove "-al" parameter, the black line will be removed, please run following command line to try again,

pdfstamp.exe -pdf D:\downloads\Input(3).pdf -o "D:\downloads\_Output.pdf" -AT "PV 5130003" -p1 -ml -mlr460 -mtb115 -fs18 -ft "Arial" -AT "31-05-2013" -p1 -ml -mlr490 -mtb154 -fs14 -ft "Arial" -AT "13103762" -p1 -ml -mlr550 -mtb173 -fs8 -ft "Arial" -SR -S1 –E1


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