Stamp Barcodes on Portrait and Landscape PDF pages

I've bought PDFStamp Command Line and now I'm having an unexpected behavior with portrait and landscape pages.

I want to execute the same command to stamp a barcode at the bottom / right of the page, but always as if the page is on portrait orientation, so the barcode can be placed on the same place (the barcode is used after the document is printed, so it doesn't care if the page was portrait or landscape).

I've used 2 samples attached, execute the same command, and the results are attached too:

pdfstamp.exe -PDF "C:/TEMP/Portrait Page.pdf" -o "C:/TEMP/Portrait Page_FINAL.pdf" -AT "*teste*" -P5 -mlr-17 -mtb-30 -R90 -fs8 -ft "IDAutomationHC39M" -embedfont

pdfstamp.exe -PDF "C:/TEMP/Landscape Page.pdf" -o "C:/TEMP/Landscape Page_FINAL.pdf" -AT "*teste*" -P5 -mlr-17 -mtb-30 -R90 -fs8 -ft "IDAutomationHC39M" –embedfont


What I need if that after print the results the barcode stamped stays on the same place.
Is it possible to had a parameter so I can define the position of the page?

This is a very important issue.

Please send me some feedback.

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