Batch Print PDF file and apply the watermark to printout


a query around licensing of PDFPrint command line. I want to use this on a server where documents are sent from an application and are then printed from the one server. We would want to have a development, test and production server. What would be the best license to purchase to do this?


We have some further questions around some of the VeryPDF software and licensing. I keep coming across other products that you do that look really good and are of great interest to us. There are a few requirements that I'd like to put to you in case we're missing a product that perhaps will cover all of them.

We need to be able to print pdf documents. So far I have found that PDFPrint command line tool seems to work very well for me.
If purchasing this we would need to be able to run it on a test/dev/prod servers so we would require a license in order to do this. We could go with the SDF version too. This seems to be the best tool as we need to specify printer, tray ect.

We have some letterheads and other documents that we want to be able to merge/overlap. For eg add a letterhead to a pdf document. We have trial the PDF toolbox command line tool and this seems to work well. Again we would require the ability to have test/dev/prod server instances of the software running.

We have a requirement to be able to merge documents, mainly html/htm, rtf/doc/docx, xls,xlsx. The office to any converter seems to be able to do this but looks like its a GUI application,

QUESTION: Is there something along the lines of command line or SDK that will achieve the similar. Again the requirement for different environments is necessary for this too.

Do you have a toolbox or license that would encompass all of these and what would the costs be?

Many thanks

We have a "VeryDOC DOC to Any Converter" product, this is a command line product, you can run this command line product to convert html/htm, rtf/doc/docx, xls,xlsx, etc. documents to PDF files on the fly,

We have also "VeryDOC DOC to Any Converter SDK" product, please look at above web page for more information.

>>Do you have a toolbox or license that would encompass all of these and what would the costs be?

Thanks for your message, we haven't a product which contain all of the functions that you need, you need purchase these products respectively.


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