How to embed magazines in wordpress?

Question: Although this might sound a little easy and not worth asking question but this is really very troubling. I am working on a wordpress website that embed PDF magazines that may be of the size of up to 25 MBs and 100-200 Pages. I have tried using several PDF Embed Plug-in for wordpress. Most of them use Google Docs Viewer to embed the PDF and some use the browsers default PDF viewer to load PDF files. Currently I am using some one embed PDF and I was quite satisfied until, I realized that It takes too long to load a page if the user scrolls some tens of pages. Please help me, could VeryPDF suggest me something to get out of it.

Answer: According to your needs, there are two choices for you on VeryPDF. First, you can use software VeryPDF Flipbook Maker. This is desktop application, which can convert PDF magazines to flipbook and upload output flipbook to your account on VeryPDF. Meanwhile there will be output embed code produced by which you can embed PDF in wordpress easily. Second, if you are VeryPDF Cloud Application user, please use software VeryPDF Flash Paper Viewer, by which you can use this software totally free. When conversion finishes, there will output iframe code which allows you to embed PDF magazines to website much more easily.

When you need to use those two software, please refer to each user guide. In the following part, let us check which one is better for you.

VeryPDF Flipbook Maker is not freeware, which charges $59.95 for each copy. Once you pay for it then you can use it the whole life without paying any other fees. Meanwhile this is desktop version, it allows you to convert PDF magazines to flipbook as many as you can. And this software allows you to view flipbooks in iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod) - HTML5, No Flash!

VeryPDF Flash Paper Viewer is freeware if you do not need to keep output for a long times. If you need to embed PDF magazine in your wordpress for quite a long time, please use VeryPDF API code to make it permanent. And VeryPDF API code is charged per month or per year. And the API code could be used together with all the VeryPDF cloud applications. This API code only charges less than 20$ per month.

So then you can choose the more proper version for you according the price reason. Now let us check the embedding PDF to wordpress effect from the following flash. During the using, if you have any question, please contact us as soon as possible.

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