Free Realtime RSS and Atom feed to email service. Get your favorite blogs, feeds, and news delivered to your inbox.

Free Online RSS Feed to Email Subscription


Fetch news, feed from a website and deliver them to your inbox.

VeryPDF RSS Feed to email service delivers updates from all of your favorite news, feeds, and blogs directly to your email inbox, giving you the flexibility to stay updated whilst on the go.


If you are a blogger, VeryPDF RSS-to-Email Service is useful for you to send your updated blog articles to your users.

Some readers prefer blog updates in their inbox, but who has time to create newsletters and write engaging blog posts? VeryPDF RSS to Email Service makes it easy to send RSS-driven newsletters, integrate with social networks, and watch your readership grow.

Our RSS-to-Email tool simplifies the newsletter process, so you can just focus on creating your blog posts. Publish content once on your blog, and we’ll automatically send it to your newsletter subscribers as often as you’d like.

Free Online RSS Feed to Email Subscription

VeryPDF RSS Feed to Email Service allows you to send the latest post(s) from your RSS feed (or other RSS feeds) to an external Mailing List Manager in both text and html formats. It is capable of sending messages out immediately, at predefined intervals such as daily/weekly/monthly or manually.

The text and HTML templates are completely customizable on a per feed basis so you can tailor the emails to suit the list or feed you are using.

Potential uses include:

  • Automatically kick off formatted emails to mailing list managers on blog feed update.
  • Email notifications to one or more people on feed updates.
  • Track your favorite blog feeds by email.


  • HTML + Text Emails
  • Ability to include custom mail header fields
  • Flexible send schedule including fifteen minute, daily, weekly, monthly or manual sending


How to Setup WordPress RSS to Email Subscriptions?

We love when our websites send automatically a daily or weekly newsletter with our latest posts. It’s more common to see post notifications than newsletters written manually in the WordPress community.

Post notifications has several names depending on who’s talking about it:

  • Email subscription to post updates
  • Email alerts
  • Post notifications
  • Automatic newsletter, or auto newsletters

I personally always called them "email alerts". Most of my past clients just used the term "automatic newsletter", which makes a lot of sense, if you ask me.

If you want receive the news and blogs by email or want to inform your customers when your blog is update, you can try with VeryPDF RSS Feed to email service, enjoy it,


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Free Realtime RSS and Atom feed to email service. Get your favorite blogs, feeds, and news delivered to your inbox., 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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