How to open a large PDF files on web without wasting time?

Question:I have a 27MB PDF file which is hosted in web. When I try to open it, it takes times to open it. So Is there any way where I can view this large PDF file a bit fast. I guess there are some settings where we can view the pages of the file once after some pages are downloaded. Any solution to this on VeryPDF would be highly appreciated

Answer: When you need to open large PDF files on web without wasting time, maybe you can try to compress PDF to little size or optimize PDF file for fast web viewing. For compressing PDF, we either have desktop version application PDF Compressor or cloud based free online application PDF Compressor Cloud API. For optimizing PDF, you can have a free desktop version software VeryPDF PDF Linearization Optimizer Command Line. All the software mentioned above can help you optimize PDF for fast opening. Please choose the proper version according to your needs. In the following part, I will introduce some of them in brief.

Method 1: Compress PDF by PDF Compressor Cloud API.

  • This is free online application, by it you do not need to download any application to your computer. Simply input URL at any browser or at any browser then you can compress PDF according to its content. Say input PDF is text based, please compress text by embedding fonts or subset fonts. If PDF is image based, please choose compressing image method.
  • The following URL is an example, please have a check:
    By this above URL,  we can compress input PDF by compressing color image to gray image or mono image by specifying image resolution. Meanwhile you can subset font, compress font for reducing font size.

  • This method can be applied to most of online PDF file. And there is no platform, computer system limitation. Most important it is quite cheap but high effective.

Method 2: Optimize PDF by PDF Linearization Optimizer Command Line

  • If you choose to optimize PDF, please download software PDF Linearization Optimizer Command Line. This is command line version application, when downloading finishes, there will be a zip file. Please extract it to some folder then you can check its usage, command line parameters.
  • This method mainly lays  optimizing PDF but it will not reduce PDF file size. By optimization, you can open large PDF without downloading finishes.
  • Once one page downloading finishes then you can view that page. So this method can reduce downloading whole PDF file time. When you view PDF, you do not need to wait.
  • Usage:pdfopt [options] <input PDF file> [<output PDF file>]
  • Command line example:pdfopt in.pdf out.pdf
  • -mode <integer>, where integer can be
        0: linearize PDF automatically;
        1: use mode 1 to linearize PDF;
        2: use mode 2 to linearize PDF;
        3: use mode 3 to linearize PDF.
    -skip, to omit existing target PDF file.

By those two methods, you can view this large PDF file a bit fast. Please choose the proper method according to your needs. During the using, if you have any question, please contact us soon as possible.

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