Convert more PowerPoint files to JPEG files at same time, Concurrent Conversion function in PowerPoint Converter Command Line application (pptconv.exe)


I downloaded trial of VeryDoc PowerPoint Converter v.3.0 to convert PPT to a set of JPGs. it seems to work well from GUI. however, I am having trouble getting it to work from command line. The following is what i do, but it yields nothing:

C:\Users\Administrator\Downloads>pptconv test.ppt test.jpg
Loading "test.ppt" file...[20%]
Shutdown PowerPoint Application...[60%]
Conversion Finished! Result value = -2

Please use full path to try again,

D:\pptconv.exe D:\test.ppt D:\test.jpg

Can you work fine with full path?

Thank you very much for your help. Specifying the full path solved my problem.

I do have a few more questions. I plan to automate running the conversion from the command line from my application; is it possible to run multiple, concurrent conversions at the same time? Or am I limited to one conversion execution at a time per machine? I am concerned about performance. Do you have suggestions on how i can maximize performance? Or point me to any documentation that you may have on this top with respect to your product?

thanks again.
Thanks for your message, you can't run multiple instances of pptconv.exe at same time, because MS PowerPoint OLE is not allow multiple instances at same time.

However, a new version of PPT to Image Converter Command Line is ready for you, you can download and unzip it to a folder,

.\test\*.ppt files are test files.
.\pptconv.exe is the new version of application.
.\test.bat is the test file, you can double click to run it and execute concurrent conversion.

the converted files will be placed into "out" folder.

You can add "-debug -moreinstances" parameters to support concurrent conversion and show the debug log message, you will see all conversion be done at same time.

test.bat is contain following command lines,

start "" pptconv.exe -debug -moreinstances "%CD%\test\celdtns2006.ppt" "%CD%\out\celdtns2006.ppt.jpg"
start "" pptconv.exe -debug -moreinstances "%CD%\test\DTU_Hagedorn.ppt" "%CD%\out\DTU_Hagedorn.ppt.jpg"
start "" pptconv.exe -debug -moreinstances "%CD%\test\FroNtierCHEP04-03.ppt" "%CD%\out\FroNtierCHEP04-03.ppt.jpg"
start "" pptconv.exe -debug -moreinstances "%CD%\test\HPCover.ppt" "%CD%\out\HPCover.ppt.jpg"
start "" pptconv.exe -debug -moreinstances "%CD%\test\Independence.ppt" "%CD%\out\Independence.ppt.jpg"
start "" pptconv.exe -debug -moreinstances "%CD%\test\Justice.ppt" "%CD%\out\Justice.ppt.jpg"
start "" pptconv.exe -debug -moreinstances "%CD%\test\March-CoAssure.ppt" "%CD%\out\March-CoAssure.ppt.jpg"
start "" pptconv.exe -debug -moreinstances "%CD%\test\Presentation1.ppt" "%CD%\out\Presentation1.ppt.jpg"
start "" pptconv.exe -debug -moreinstances "%CD%\test\Quicktime-PowerPoint.ppt" "%CD%\out\Quicktime-PowerPoint.ppt.jpg"
start "" pptconv.exe -debug -moreinstances "%CD%\test\Sound Bites for Sound Advising.ppt" "%CD%\out\Sound Bites for Sound Advising.ppt.jpg"
start "" pptconv.exe -debug -moreinstances "%CD%\test\TD29 Summary_widebend_0604.ppt" "%CD%\out\TD29 Summary_widebend_0604.ppt.jpg"
start "" pptconv.exe -debug -moreinstances "%CD%\test\Web sites.ppt" "%CD%\out\Web sites.ppt.jpg"
start "" pptconv.exe -debug -moreinstances "%CD%\test\windows_audio.ppt" "%CD%\out\windows_audio.ppt.jpg"

Please feel free to let me know if you have any question for this version.

Thank you for your fast turn around. a quick test looks good. i will do some more testing hopefully i will give you the final OK by Friday. thanks again!

If i run from the command line on a windows 2008 RT server, things work fine.
if i schedule as a task on that same server, i get the following:

[Message] This is an evaluation version.
[INFO] Prepare conversion:
==> "C:\Users\Administrator\e4613cc0-2f98-427f-a43d-07bcc994eb0d\output.jpg", format = 17
[INFO] Create a new instance of PowerPoint.Application.
[INFO] CreateDispatch for PowerPoint.Application successful.
[INFO] Get Presentations OK.
[INFO] Presentations Count (1) = 0
[INFO] Loading "C:\Users\Administrator\e4613cc0-2f98-427f-a43d-07bcc994eb0d\266_1384956519963_3.ppt" file...[20%]
[ERROR] Something is wrong during PowerPoint converting...[55%]
[INFO] Shutdown PowerPoint Application...[60%]
[INFO] Force to kill PowerPoint Application...[63%]
[INFO] Quit PowerPoint Application correctly...[65%]
[INFO] ReleaseDispatch for PowerPoint Application...[70%]
[ERROR] Something is wrong during conversion, we have to return now...[73%]
Conversion Finished! Result value = -2

Does running pptconv require me to login to the machine? I have a .bat file that calls the pptconv.. I have added the .bat file as a scheduled task that starts up automatically when the server is started. The above error will occur if i run in this way.

If i run from the command line myself, it works fine.

Yes, this is a limitation of MS Office, you MUST run MS Office from an interactive user account, it is mean that you need login your machine in order to get it work.

Microsoft does not currently recommend, and does not support,
Automation of Microsoft Office applications from any unattended,
non-interactive client application or component (including ASP,
DCOM, and NT Services), because Office may exhibit unstable
behavior and/or deadlock when run in this environment.

INFO: Considerations for Server-Side Automation of Office

However, we have some solutions to overcome this limitation, please look at following web pages,

These web pages will let you know how to configure MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel DCOM from an interactive user account.

You can also use our CmdAsUser.exe application to run pptconv.exe from an interactive user account,

You can also set your Service run from an interactive user account, but this may not work, because that option may not load the user's environment properly, such as registry, profile items, etc. However, you may give it a try. If service option is not work properly, you can use one of above two options.

We have lots of experience on this matter, so, if you encounter any problem, please feel free to let us know.


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