How do you compress PDF files for reading it on iPod?

Question:For some reason why I open it on my iPod it crashes probably 8.4 MB is to much for it for some reason, I want to try to make it smaller if possible to see if it will be better. Its not really a large PDF file it only have once page.  Is there a solution on VeryPDF?

Answer: According to your description, VeryPDF provides two solutions for you: for one solution, you can use VeryPDF Document Reader, which allows you to read big size PDF file under any Android based devices; another solution is that you can use VeryPDF PDF Compressor API to compress PDF file to smaller one and then read it on your iPod. In this article, I will show you how to compress PDF by PDF Compressor Cloud API. In our knowledge base, we have many articles about solution one, please have a check.

For VeryPDF PDF Compressor API, this is cloud based application. It can help you compress PDF file by JPX (JPEG2000) and JBIG2 arithmetic, remove unused objects, remove redundant fonts, subset embedded fonts, etc. methods. When you use this software, you do not need to download any application as this software compresses PDF within browser. If you have API code, this software is totally free for you.

Compress PDF by VeryPDF PDF Compressor API for reading it on iPod.

  • Please open any browser no matter what kind of your computer system is and input URL following the below examples:
    By the above URL, we can l resize all image objects to 50DPI in PDF file. First, please change your local PDF file to online PDF file by VeryPDF ShareFile. Then add parameters for compressing PDF at the end of the URL. After inputting the URL, there will be a new URL bounced in new tab, please download the compressed PDF by this new URL.

  • Actually for compressing PDF, it is necessary to choose the compression method according to the PDF properties. Say if there are lots of images in PDF, you need to use compressing image method. If there are lots of fonts, please use compressing font methods. Different methods will leads to different effects. If you use compressing image method to compress font based PDF, the compression effect will be quite bad. This software provides tens of compression methods, please have a check through the following parameters:
  • EmbedAllFonts: Embed all used fonts into PDF file.
    SubsetFonts: Subset fonts in PDF file.
    CompressFonts: Compress fonts in PDF file.
    ColorImageFilter: Compress color image with special arithmetic, it is support: jpg, jpx, zip methods, default is jpg.
    GrayImageFilter: Compress grayscale image with special arithmetic, it is support: jpg, jpx, zip methods, default is jpg.
    MonoImageFilter: Compress monochrome image with special arithmetic, it is support: jbig2, jbig2l, fax, zip, rle methods, default is jpg.
    ColorImageRes: Set the resolution when Downsample Color Images, default is 72dpi.
    GrayImageRes: Set the resolution when Downsample Grayscale Images, default is 72dpi.
    MonoImageRes: Set the resolution when Downsample Monochrome Images, default is 72dpi.

Please check more parameters and usage under homepage. During the using, if you have any question, please contact us as soon as possible.

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