How to specify margins when using PDFprint for printing?

Question:  I am using the VeryPDF PDFprint Command Line program and it appears there are no options for setting the printer margins when printing a PDF. Is this correct? I searched the parameter list but I can not find any parameter allowing me to set margins. Does this software support it? Is there a solution to solve this matter?

Answer: When you need to print PDF and specify margins by PDFprint command line, please refer to the following methods. When you need to do printing for printing PDF and specify margins in a complicated process, please refer to the Method 1.
Method 1.
1.Please run the following command line to prompt the user Printer Dialog and save the printer settings to a disk file,
pdfprint.exe -savedevmode D:\printer.dat -printer "Your Printer Name"
2. In the Printer Dialog, you can set following options, such as,
set "Duplex" option to "Top-Top" or others;
set default paper tray to "Tray 3" or others;
set the paper size to "11x17" or others;
set other options that you want;
set staple to "on" or others,
set fold or staple options,
click "OK" to close Printer Dialog, you will get a D:\printer.dat file,
3. Please run following command line to load the devmode from disk file and set it to printer,
pdfprint.exe -loaddevmode D:\printer.dat -printer "Your Printer Name" D:\input.pdf
4. OK, you will able to print your PDF file with correct options.
We hoping above solution will helpful to you, please to try.

Method 2.

When you just need to print PDF and specify margins in a simply manner, please refer to the following command line template:
pdfprint.exe -printermargins -raster2 C:\test.pdf
Actually there is parameters for specifying margins during printing, we have not listed in readme.txt.
Now let us check the definition of those parameters:
-savedevmode <string>       : prompt the user with print dialog and save the printer settings into a disk file
-loaddevmode <string>       : restore printer settings which saved by -savedevmode parameter
-promptdevmode                  : prompt the user with print dialog and print the printer settings to screen
-printer <string>                    : printer name to print
-raster2                                       : render PDF page to image before printing
-printermargins                           : reduce to printer margins when printing

Normally speaking you can specify margins through adjusting PDF to standard paper formats. During the using, if you have any question, please contact us as soon as possible. Here is the download PDFprint link for you free trial.

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