How to stitch multi-page PDF file to one single PDF page vertically? Stitch ( join / merge / concatenate ) PDF Pages into one page.

How can I stitch PDF pages vertically?

I just want 1st page on-top, second page on bottom etc. This means I just want 1 column and all pages should be one after the other stitched end-to-end just like in a regular document.

I do not want horizontal zig-zag stitching.

How can I do that?

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Could you please be more specific in your question then we can have a check for you? Please tell me which software and which version do you use? If you use PDF Stitcher, You can use order horizontal or vertically.

Of course, I use the STITCH program but I can never get the vertical orientation to work.

I try to stitch, so YES I use Stitch program.


I want the stitching to work as shown. I have already tried to check the Vertical option VERYPDF but it did not work. It still did horizontal stitching.

So my PDF is a multipage graph that is vertical. (Vertical Strip Chart), so my stitching must be as one column and pages must be stitched end to end vertically (from top to bottom) "NO SIDEWAYS STITCHING PLEASE" in that one column.

Also, see attached illustration.

Can you please send me a 'command line' that will do this using PDFstitch.exe?

WHY in your website all examples you have only how to stitch multiple pages horizontally i.e (4 x 4) etc.?

There is No single example with One column with pages stitched from Top to Bottom.

Again please see my illustration.

Thanks for your message, do you wish stitch all PDF pages into one single PDF page? if yes, you can run following command line to merge all PDF pages into one single PDF page easily,

"C:\Program Files (x86)\VeryPDF PDF Stitch v2.1\pdfstitch.exe" -per 1*4 D:\verypdf-test.pdf D:\verypdf-test-out.pdf

-per <int*int>         : Set pages per sheet, e.g., 2*4 refers to put 8 pages per sheet: 2 pages a row and 4 pages a column.

for example, if your PDF file contain 10 pages, you run following command line to stitch these 10 pages into one single PDF page,

"C:\Program Files (x86)\VeryPDF PDF Stitch v2.1\pdfstitch.exe" -per 1*10 D:\verypdf-test.pdf D:\verypdf-test-out.pdf

If your PDF file is contain more than 10 pages, every 10 pages will be stitched into one single PDF page in the new PDF file.

Please refer to following screenshots of original PDF file and stitched PDF file.

This is original PDF file, it is contain three PDF pages,


This is stitched PDF file, three pages has been stitched into one single PDF page, all pages has been concatenated together,



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