Can I run TIFF Toolkit on a server to process the scanned TIFF files?

Can the tiff toolkit be called on a server to process a tiff image?


Yes, you can call following command line applications on your server to process the TIFF files,


TIFF Toolkit Site License is $199.95 per server, you can purchase it from following web page directly,

Please refer to user guide document from following web page,

学校 TIFF Tools Overview

This software distribution comes with a small collection of programs for converting non-TIFF format images to TIFF and for manipulating and interrogating the contents of TIFF images.

Device-dependent Programs

There are two device-dependent programs that serve as simple examples for writing programs to display and save TIFF images.

Display the contents of one or more TIFF images on a Silicon Graphics system using the Silicon Graphics IRIS GL. The software makes extensive use of the TIFFRGBAImage facilities described elsewhere.

A program to save all or part of a screen dump on a Silicon Graphics system. As for tiffgt this code, while written to use the IRIS GL, can be easily tailored to other devices.

Device-independent Programs

The remaining programs should be device-independent:


Display information about one or more TIFF files.

Display the verbatim contents of the TIFF directory in a file (it's very useful for debugging bogus files that you may get from someone that claims they support TIFF)

Copy, concatenate, and convert TIFF images (e.g. switching from Compression=5 to Compression=1)

Convert TIFF images to PostScript

Compare the contents of two TIFF files (it does not check all the directory information, but does check all the data)

A simple program to convert a color image to grayscale

A quick hack that converts Sun rasterfile format images to TIFF -- it's less than complete

Convert an RGB, grayscale, or bilevel TIFF image to a YCbCr TIFF image; it's mainly provided for testing

A quick hack that converts GIF 87a format images to TIFF

A quick hack that converts PPM format images to TIFF

Convert raw Group 3 or Group 4 facsimile data to TIFF

Convert a Palette-style image to a full color RGB image by applying the colormap

Dither a b&w image into a bilevel image (suitable for use in creating fax files)

Create one or more single-image files from a (possibly) multi-image file

Convert a Group 3- or Group 4- compressed TIFF to PostScript that is significantly more compressed than is generated by tiff2ps (unless tiff2ps writes PS Level II)

Copy a bilevel TIFF to one that includes 8-bit greyscale "thumbnail images" for each page; it is provided as an example of how one might use the SubIFD tag (and the library support for it)

A version of Paul Heckbert's median cut program that reads an RGB TIFF image, and creates a TIFF palette file as a result; it's useful for converting full-color RGB images to 8-bit color for your friends that have cheapo 8-bit framebuffers.

A program to convert SGI image files to TIFF. This program is only useful on SGI machines as it uses -limage.

Check out the manual pages for details about the above programs.


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