Use VeryPDF Cloud API Platform to edit PDF, Word, DOC, DOCX, Excel, XLS, XLSX, PowerPoint, PPT, PPTX, etc. document formats online. Convert Word, PDF, Office document to Text Box format easily.


I am looking at your PDF solutions and I am curious to get your opinion if one of your solutions will accomplish what I am looking to do.

* We run on Windows Server 2012

* Our application is ASP.Net MVC 4

* We use MS SQL 2012

* We use Essential Objects PDF to export completed files.

What we are trying to accomplish:

We need to give our clients the ability to type a new document from scratch into a Rich Text Editor text box, which is our existing setup. The problem with this I our clients want to copy and paste from an existing word document, write into the text box, and expect to retain all special formatting such as bold, different size fonts, underlines, italics, bullets, etc. This has proven impossible and takes a lot time to type in the text box from scratch.

What we would like to do is give our clients the option to upload a PDF or Word doc version of the document they want to import to our application. We want to incorporate a solution (VeryPDF?) that will read all text and formatting, and place that text in the same formatting into our existing text boxes on our application. The catch is, once the text from the PDF or Word Doc (while retaining original formatting) is transferred to our text box on our web page, we also need it to remain editable on the User Interface side.

Obviously we will have to write code as well, but is VeryPDF capable of reading PDF and Word docs and transferring that info to our text box while retaining all original formatting?

Thank you for your prompt reply.


Yes, this is possible with VeryPDF Cloud API Platform.

You can test with "VeryPDF Free Online Document Editor" online APP, this is a simple online word editor application which almost meet your requirement, you can upload various document formats and edit them in an Online Word Editor easily,

after you subscribe the VeryPDF Cloud API Platform, you can use its functions to convert various uploaded document formats to a simple HTML file, then you can analyze this HTML file and convert elements into your predefined text box format, this can be done easily.


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