PDF Text Replacer is not working. How to replace text in PDF files Programmatically? Replace Text in all pages of a PDF Document. Best Find, Search and Replace Text in PDF software.

Hello verypdf,

I am trying to use your tool 'PDF Text Replacer' but it is not working for my PDF can you check it where is the problem?

Here is missing image attaching, so here you can download my test pdf.

I am trying to replace: {$firstname} to any name and {$lastname} to any name, but text is not replaced.


I have PDF files with text that should be replaced. More specifically, the text should be translated and replaced with the translated version. It's important that the rest of the PDF structure stays intact. Note that the text is available in the PDFs and techniques like OCR are not needed. Also, it would be nice if font and other text attributes are kept.

Which libraries would you recommend for extracting the text to an easy to edit format (such as CSV) and put the new text back in again?

How would I be able to programmatically search and replace some text in a large number of PDF files? I would like to remove a URL that has been added to a set of files. I have been able to remove the link using JavaScript under Batch Processing in Adobe Pro, but the link text remains. I have seen recommendations to use text touchup, which works manually, but I don't want to modify 1300 files manually.

I saw a lot of solutions in here but none are clear or good answers.

Here is my simple question, hoping with a straight answer.

I have a PDF file (a template) which is created having text something like this:


is it possible to have C# code that replace these templates with a text of my choice?

No fields, no other complex stuff.

Is there any library helping me achieve that?

I need to replace text programmatically in existing pdf file.

Does anyone know how to do it (well done working example)?

Thanks in advance!

I didn't find any exact solution to find and replace the text of pdf file in java language. Please help me to short out this problem.

I was searching about 3 hours to find a solution to my problem. I already browsed trough the stackoverflow questions regarding my problem but could not find a solution.

What I'm currently trying to do is to replace text in a PDF form field using PHP. The PDF file has a text field containing a placeholder text like [placeholder].

What I tried to do is:

$pdf_content = file_get_contents(source_pdf.pdf);
$put = str_replace('[placeholder]', 'NEW VALUE', $pdf_content);
file_put_contents('temp_pdf/test.pdf', $put);

When I open the PDF it seems that the placeholder was not replaced. But if I click into the textfield my "NEW VALUE" appears. If I click out again "[placeholder]" is assigned again.

Due to this, I think this is not the right attempt for my purpose.

My question now is: Is there a simple and effective way to implement this? I don't want to use FDFs but instead replace the text right in my source PDF.


We suggest you may use "PDF Text Replacer Command Line Standalone Version (pdftr.exe)" to instead of GUI version, the command line version is work better than GUI version,


You can use "-searchandoverlaytext" option to replace text in PDF pages easily,

pdftr.exe -searchandoverlaytext "PDFcamp Printer=>VeryPDF Printer" -overlaytextfontsize 8 D:\in.pdf D:\out.pdf

pdftr.exe -searchandoverlaytext "PDFcamp Printer=>VeryPDF Printer" -overlaytextfontsize 80% D:\in.pdf D:\out.pdf

pdftr.exe -contentreplace "RK-2-15BFC250-BI=>New Text" D:\in.pdf D:\out.pdf

You can use pdftr.exe to batch replace text in all PDF files easily, e.g.,

for %F in (D:\temp\*.pdf) do pdftr.exe -contentreplace "My Name=>Your Name" "%F" "out_%~nF.pdf"

for %F in (D:\temp\*.pdf) do pdftr.exe -searchandoverlaytext "My Name=>Your Name" "%F" "C:\test\%~nF.pdf"

Please look at following web pages for more information,


"-searchandoverlaytext" option is work for all text based PDF files which created by any 3rd software.

pdftr.exe is a command line application, it can be called from PHP, Java, C#, VB.NET, C++, VC, VB, Delphi, ASP, etc. program languages to do batch replace in PDF files easily.


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PDF Text Replacer is not working. How to replace text in PDF files Programmatically? Replace Text in all pages of a PDF Document. Best Find, Search and Replace Text in PDF software., 10.0 out of 10 based on 5 ratings

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