How to embed fonts and replace fonts in PCL to PDF Converter? How to use mapfont.ini file to map PDF fonts to Windows fonts?

I am trying to get more of my fonts to come out as a vector (scalable) font rather than a raster font. I believe that the answer is in the mapfont.ini file, but I do not know how it is designed. Can you please explain when the entries in the file do?



Please refer to more information about "mapfont.ini" file from following web pages,

You can use following command lines to map fonts in output PDF files,

pcltool.exe -mapfont "mapfont.ini" C:\in.pcl C:\out.pdf
pcltool.exe -mapfont default C:\in.pcl C:\out.pdf
pcltool.exe -mapfont "C:\mapfont.ini" C:\in.pcl C:\out.pdf
pcltool.exe -mapfont "C:\mapfont.ini" -embedfonts yes C:\in.pcl C:\out.pdf
pcltool.exe -mapfont "C:\mapfont.ini" -embedfonts no C:\in.pcl C:\out.pdf

Please look at a simple "mapfont.ini" file at below,


Number=7               ; The number of [MapFontXXX] entries in mapfont.ini file, if Number=3, it is indicate mapfont.ini file contain [MapFont1], [MapFont2], [MapFont3] three entries.

EmbedFont=0        ; 0 is unembed fonts, 1 will embed all fonts in [MapFont1], [MapFont2], [MapFont3], etc. entries.

; Map from BordeauxRomanBoldLetPlain to Arial font name         
PDFFont=BordeauxRomanBoldLetPlain                   ; PDF Font in PDF file
WinFont=Arial                                                               ; Windows Font

; Map from NimbusMono-Reg to Arial Black font name
WinFont=Arial Black

; Map from NimbusMono-Bol to Arial font name

WinFont=Arial Narrow


WinFont=Times New Roman




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