Error from SysWOW64\doc2pdf_service.exe application


There still have 1 items in the waiting queue.PDFOUT.DLL: SendURLListToServer(), recv() data error at 3.

PDFOUT.DLL: SendURLListToServer(), Error

Our doc2pdf service (running as exe not as service) keeps crashing when trying to generate PDFs from html pages. It will work for a while then stops with the above error. Can you tell us what it means. We are running with HTML2PDFReturnImmediately=1 which is not the default setting. We also have [debug] outlog=Yes, also not default.

We suggest you may kill doc2pdf_service.exe and restart doc2pdf_service.exe to try again, can you work fine after restart doc2pdf_service.exe application?

Yes, it will typically work for several documents after tskill'ing the doc2pdf_service.exe and restarting it, but the problem will typically reoccur after several documents requiring restart several time a day.

I've written a .cmd macro with the same tskill & start dos commands in it that I found in your uninstall.bat file and instructed my client to run it whenever that problem occurs. I've also set up a batch job to run this .cmd one time during the night so that they are always starting the day with a fresh copy running.

The problem with this is that the primary use is to print html formatted documents from an ASP page on the webserver that is subsequently attached to email and sent to end-user customer in the same ASP page. The unpredictability of this error makes the process unreliable and that my client is loosing faith in your software.


If this problem is still happen, you may use "VeryPDFComRunCmd COM Component" to call doc2pdf.exe from ASP code directly, "VeryPDFComRunCmd COM Component" can be downloaded from following web page,

The following article may useful to you,

How to call doc2pdf.exe from .NET4.5 windows service which written in C# source code?

Please arrange "VeryPDFComRunCmd COM Component" run inside administrator user account, then you can call "VeryPDFComRunCmd COM Component" from your ASP code to convert HTML, Word, Excel, PowerPoint documents to PDF files or TIFF files easily.


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