Can VeryPDF PDF to Text OCR SDK read into variables?

Dear VeryPDF team

I am looking for an OCR-component to integrate into our ASP.NET/C# product that is able to extract the text not only from images but also from pdf files with text and/or image content and return it as a string variable. What I've seen so far from your sample products looks like the reading is fine (except for our German ?, ? and ΓΌ, but I suppose there is a localization I haven't found yet), but the output always seems to be a file.

Is it possible to keep the output string only in a variable for further use in the program?

And is there some sort of online reference so I can take a look at the component's object model?

Thank you in advance.


Thanks for your message, we can add this function into "OCR to Any Converter SDK/COM" product to you, this product will allow you to extract text from both scanned image and PDF files, you will get each character and the X, Y, Width, Height attributes for each character, we will return these information to you by API functions, will this solution okay to you?

You can download and try "OCR to Any Converter SDK/COM" product from following web page,

You can also download and try our "Image to PDF OCR Converter SDK for .NET Developers" product, this product is also return text and positions to you by API functions, but not a disk file,

Please refer to the API functions from following web page,


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One Reply to “Can VeryPDF PDF to Text OCR SDK read into variables?”

  1. Thanks for your message, the following products are all can convert scanned PDF files and TIFF files to searchable PDF files, the output PDF files will contain a hidden text layer, you can open OCRed PDF files in Adobe Reader and search text contents properly,

    Image to PDF OCR Converter Command Line,

    PDF to Text OCR Converter Command Line,

    VeryPDF OCR to Any Converter Command Line,

    Please look at following web pages for more information,

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