VeryPDF WebAPI is a Best PDF Cloud API Platform for Web and Mobile Developers

Secure cloud-based PDF processing using VeryPDF PDF technologies

VeryPDF WebAPI is a powerful, secure web services API that exposes a broad set of PDF functionality to web and mobile application developers. Built upon proven Adobe technology and using a RESTful architecture, the PDF WebAPI enables software engineers to develop connected applications.

Process and Manipulate PDF Documents and Forms

Examples include:

  • Electronic document management (EDM) vendors can "stamp" pages of sensitive PDF documents with date/time and user information in the header and footer when PDFs are exported from the content management system, for audit purposes
  • ERP and CRM applications that export reports in PDF format can rasterize the first page to JPG or PNG, providing a more visually pleasing thumbnail or "cover page image" to users
  • Mortgage and credit applications – any PDF form-based application – can be "prefilled" programmatically with data from a database, quickly creating thousands of individual PDF documents

Benefits of Web-based Applications

Many companies are migrating from on-premises deployments to web-based applications, to take advantage of:

  • reduced infrastructure costs
  • increased uptime
  • less focus on maintaining hardware, applying patches, etc.
  • easy access to broad range of functionality available via web services

In addition, mobile app developers are relying on web services to do the "heavy lifting" by offloading resource intensive, battery-draining tasks from the client side in order to optimize the user experience on lighter-weight handheld devices.

The VeryPDF WebAPI integrates easily into existing web applications, and since the technology is built upon proven Adobe technology, compatibility and interoperability with Acrobat and Reader are virtually guaranteed.

PDF WebAPI Requests

Here are a few of the API requests currently available in the VeryPDF WebAPI:

Sun Watermark PDF Document and Stamp PDF Document


The Watermark/Stamp request type adds headers and footers, watermarks, and backgrounds to an input PDF document. The watermark can be a graphic image placed on a page, or text, or both. The background can be a single color or a graphic image. You can control the size of the watermark or background, and how it is placed on the page, whether or not an image used is transparent, and whether the watermark appears on top of the content on each page or rests behind that content. The background can only rest behind the content on a PDF page, and you cannot use text for a background. The content for the headers and footers, watermarks, or backgrounds, are drawn from an input file or set of input files that you provide. You can use either the XML or JSON file format to provide the input information for your Watermark/Stamp request.

Add headers/footers and watermarks to your own PDF files using our online demo of PDF WebAPI.

Sun Flatten PDF Forms

Form flattening removes dynamic form elements from a PDF form document and transfers them to the PDF page content stream, making them permanent parts of the PDF document. For example, the fields on a PDF form are converted into content fixed on the page. Radio buttons or dropdown menus are removed. Digital signature fields are reduced to the name of the person who signed the document and related information, such as the date and time stamp.

Sun Render PDF Pages


The RenderPages request type converts selected pages of PDF documents into raster graphic image file pages (such as TIFF). The service uses technology provided by the Adobe PDF Library and the VeryPDF PDF2IMG utility to process these requests. When reducing an image size, such as to produce a thumbnail, bicubic resampling is used to optimize image quality. RenderPages can return more than one page from a PDF document as a single multi-page TIFF file.

Try it now: Convert your own PDFs to JPG, PNG and more using our online demo of VeryPDF WebAPI.

PDF WebAPI is can also convert PDF to Word, DOC, RTF, Text, PNG, JPG, TIFF, HTML, XML, etc. formats.


Access the full documentation to see the entire set of API requests available via PDF WebAPI.

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VeryPDF WebAPI is a Best PDF Cloud API Platform for Web and Mobile Developers, 5.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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