How to take multiple .htm files and merge them into a single, multi-page .tiff file?

I would like to take multiple .htm files and merge them into a single, multi-page .tiff file. Can I do that with htmltools.exe? I tried it using the -append 2 switch, but
it seems to just create the .tiff from a single source file (e.g.

htmltools -append 2 c:\files\*.htm c:\files\output.tif

). When I tried this using .pdf output it worked just fine.

Thanks for your message, "-append 2" option is support PDF format only, it is not support TIFF format.

If you wish combine several HTML files into one multi-page TIFF file, please by following steps to finish this work,

1. You can use htmltools.exe or "Document Converter (docPrint Pro)" to convert one HTML file to one TIFF file first, "Document Converter (docPrint Pro)" can be downloaded from following web page,

2. After you get some TIFF files, you can use "VeryPDF TIFF Toolkit GUI and Command Line" to combine these TIFF files into one multi-page TIFF file,

We hope above two steps will solve this problem to you.

Thank you. The tiffcp.exe utility seems to work well, except that it
does not support a wildcard input specification - e.g.

tiffcp -a c:\files\*.tif c:\files\combo.tif

Am I missing something?

Yes, it is not support wildcard input specification, but you can run following command line to combine all TIFF files in c:\files\ folder to a single output TIFF file,

for %F in (C:\files\*.tif) do tiffcp.exe -a "%F" "C:\output\combo.tif"

above command line will lookup all TIFF files in C:\files folder, combine them to "C:\output\combo.tif" file.


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