PDF Imposition and PDF Stitcher Software for Digital and Offset Print

VeryPDF Imposer (VeryPDF PDF Stitcher),

We often need to print multiple pages of a smaller format on a device that allows a larger format printing. In such case we need to impose (place) these pages on the final imposition sheet. This process called imposition is a typical task for offset printers, which usually work with formats of A2, A1 and larger but is also common in digital print with A3 or A3+ formats. Even in personal use you might need to impose something – for example when we need to print business cards on an A4 sheet we are left with two options. We can either manually copy and paste the card design multiple times in the prepress software or use a tool specifically designed for the task. When we deal with such printing tasks often an application allowing us to print multiple pages on a single sheet becomes a necessity because it makes our work more time efficient, well arranged and also prevents us from making mistakes.


VeryPDF Imposer (VeryPDF PDF Stitcher) – Software for PDF Imposition

Printing business cards on one sheet - PDF Imposition VeryPDF Imposer is a tool designed specifically for imposition allowing you to impose pages and images to pdf on one or more final sheets. It is available for Windows OS and Mac systems (technical requirements) as an standalone application. Standalone application do not require any third-party application installed for output PDF generation, for preview and print final PDF can be used any PDF viewer.

If you are interested in the product do not hesitate to try our fully working version of the program called "VeryPDF PDF Stitcher" Free!


Main Features of PDF Imposing Software VeryPDF Imposer (VeryPDF PDF Stitcher):

  • PDF and images imposition to sheets exported into PDF again
  • Provides a live preview of the sheet layout
  • Works equally well for prepress, offset and digital printing. Can be easily used by any copy shop as the export format is the widely used PDF for any digital printer, image setter, etc.
  • The interface and program controls are simple and easy to master and no extensive training is required to start using it
  • VeryPDF Imposer (VeryPDF PDF Stitcher) allows all impositions types - Standard, Cut & Stack, Booklet and Calendar, which can be used in any combination with an option to divide them into groups and use any available binding such as perfect binding, sewing binding, saddle stitching, etc. By combining these impositions and/or adjusting their parameters you can create a vast variety of imposition styles and impose everything you need.
  • Can calculate the final sheet size and the amount of pages that fit on a selected sheet automatically
  • Provides a fast selection of many pre-made imposition styles and page layouts
  • Provides an option for page repetition using one button, for example to copy business cards over the whole page
  • Provides an option to resize pages for imposition
  • Provides an option to load pages from multiple PDF files and impose them into one sheet.
  • Provides an option to add various marks on the sheet including crop marks, registration marks, sheets description, color names, folding marks, etc.
  • Provides the option to save an imposition for later use or customization
  • Contains templates for many typical impositions
  • Allows the user to create their custom impositions and save them as templates
  • Provides a possibility to work using different units (mm, cm, point, inch), furthermore all data input fields support mathematical expressions (+, -, *, /) and unit conversions
  • Contains a module allowing the user to verify if the imposition is correct including a warning when non-standard procedures are used
  • Provides an option to set a paper thickness correction to avoid text shifting when inner pages are moved towards each other during their binding
  • Provides an option to combine several impositions, for example for magazine covers and inner pages with different imposition styles on one sheet
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