PDF with watermark can’t output as multipage TIFF

When we use Verypdf pdf2img in order to convert pdf file containing watermark to multipage tiff file, the result tif file, watermark is removed.


Sample argument which is used to run is as follow:

pdf2img.exe -r 300 -compress 3 -quality 100 -multipage -forcebwtif test3.pdf _pdf2bw_threshold.tif


However, when we use –render2 parameter, watermark will be remained in result tiff file. But result is not multi page tiff file although –multipage parameter is passed as follow:

pdf2img.exe -r 300 -compress 3 -render2 -multipage -forcebwtif TestWatermarks.pdf _render2.tif


Please advise the correct command to output the pdf with watermark into multi-page TIFF.

Please run following command line to try again, we hope the following options will work better for you,

pdf2img.exe -r 300 -compress 3 -quality 100 -multipage -threshold 254 D:\downloads\TestWatermarks.pdf D:\downloads\TestWatermarks.tif



pdf2img.exe -r 300 -quality 100 -multipage D:\downloads\TestWatermarks.pdf D:\downloads\TestWatermarks.tif



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