ActiveX Error in application using VeryPDF.PCLtoPDFCom

I have integrated the SDK in a application to convert a .SPL file to .PDF and save that to a SQL database. This works fine in my Visual Studio IDE and as a compiled .EXE on my laptop but, it does not work on any other machine I attempt to run the .exe on. I receive an ActiveX error when trying to Declare the object reference to the PCLtoPDFCom object,

Dim VeryPDFCom As Object = CreateObject("VeryPDF.PCLtoPDFCom")

How can I register this on a workstation so that this does not stop the EXE from working? I cannot find any more information other than what was sent to us when we purchased the SDK. I need to speak with a technical resource to get this corrected ASAP. Please contact me to discuss.

Thanks for your message, you can run a cmd window by administrator privilege, and run following command line to register PCLtoPDFCom.exe into your system,

PCLtoPDFCom.exe /regserver

after you register the PCLtoPDFCom.exe, you will able to CreateObject for "VeryPDF.PCLtoPDFCom" properly.

Here is the full example to call "VeryPDF.PCLtoPDFCom" from VB.NET source code,

Private Sub Button1_Click(sender As System.Object, e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click
    Dim strFolderDir As String = Application.StartupPath()

    Dim VeryPDFCom As Object = CreateObject("VeryPDF.PCLtoPDFCom")
    Dim filesys As Object = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
    Dim strFolder As String = filesys.GetParentFolderName(strFolderDir)

    Dim strReturn As String = ""
    Dim nFileIndex As Integer = 0

    Dim strInFile As String = strFolder & "\test\test.pcl"
    Dim strOutFile As String = strFolder & "\bin\_test.pdf"
    Dim strCmd As String = "-$ XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX """ & strInFile & """ """ & strOutFile & """"
    strReturn = strReturn & VeryPDFCom.PCLtoPDF(strCmd)
    nFileIndex = nFileIndex + 1

End Sub


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