Use PDFStitch to stitch more PDF pages into a single PDF page, stitch multiple PDF files together, stitch several PDF pages into one big canvas-like PDF

Using Windows 7 and pdfstich v2.1 dated 20130322 (is that the latest version?)

Using the command-line version, I run something like:

pdfstitch.exe -rt 0 -order H -scale 100 infile.pdf outfile.pdf

It comes back immediately with this error message:

Error input file format. Please try again.

But the input file is legitimate; I can view it in any old pdf viewer.


Hi folks
Time to time I have to merge PDF pages (pages 2-3 to one double sized page etc.). I have always done that by printing multiple pages per sheet... in my case 2 pages per sheet, but instead of printing, I have saved my work as PDF.
Now I have upgraded to MacOS X 10.6 and that doesn't work any more. If I try, I get warning "Saving a PDF file when printing is not supported, use File>Save instead".
My problem is that there is no option "Save multiple pages per sheet"... so there′s no use to save it.... Is there some workarounds? I really need this feature and I can′t believe it has been taken away....



Thanks for your message, you can use VeryPDF PDF Stitcher to stitch more PDF pages into one single PDF page, you may download and install VeryPDF PDF Stitcher from this web page,

I have tried following command line just now, it works fine,

"C:\Program Files (x86)\VeryPDF PDF Stitch v2.1\pdfstitch.exe" -rt 0 -order H -scale 100 D:\downloads\VeryPDF.pdf D:\downloads\_out.pdf

you may use full path for both input and output filenames to try again, we hope the full path will work fine to you.

Please look at following screenshot for the stitched PDF file,


Here is the full command line options which supported by PDF Stitcher Command Line application,

C:\>"C:\Program Files (x86)\VeryPDF PDF Stitch v2.1\pdfstitch.exe"

VeryPDF PDF Stitch
Copyright (C) 2005-2013, Inc.

VeryPDF PDF Stitch can help you stitch multiple PDF pages onto a sheet. You can specify how the pages are ordered, either in vertical columns or horizontally across the sheet.

Usage: pdfstitch [options] <input file> <output file>

-plan <string> <path>  : Use a plan file instead of other options. <string>
                         refers to the plan file type: "lua" or "legacy".
                         <path> refers to the path of the selected plan file.
                         Please do not use other options when used this
-pr <int,int,...>      : Select the page range, e.g., 1,3,5-10. Or you can use
                         -even or -odd.
-even                  : Select only the even pages.
-odd                   : Select only the odd pages.
-rt <int>              : Rotate the input PDF pages. (0, 90, 180, or 270.
                         Default is 0.)
-per <int*int>         : Set pages per sheet, e.g., 2*4 refers to put 8 pages
                         per sheet: 2 pages a row and 4 pages a column.
-addline <int,int,int> : Add lines. <int,int,int> refer to the RGB values.
-order <string>        : Specify the page order on each sheet.
        H              : Horizontal (default value)
        V              : Vertical
        HR             : Horizontal-reverse
        VR             : Vertical-reverse
-gx <int unit>         : Specify the width of each vertical gutter.
                         Unit is in, mm, or pt.
-gy <int unit>         : Specify the height of each horizontal gutter.
                         Unit is in, mm, or pt.
-t <int unit>          : Define the top margin for each output sheet.
                         Unit is in, mm, or pt.
-l <int unit>          : Define the left side margin for each output sheet.
                         Unit is in, mm, or pt.
-r <int unit>          : Define the right side margin for each output sheet.
                         Unit is in, mm, or pt.
-b <int unit>          : Define the bottom margin for each output sheet.
                         Unit is in, mm, or pt.
-size <string>         : Specify the sheet size. For instance, A3, A4, B3, and
                         letter. Cannot be used with -scale.
-scale <int>           : Enlarge or shrink sheets by an exact percentage,
                         e.g., -scale 100 is to retain the original size.
-$ <regcode>           : Register the application.

pdfstitch -plan "lua" "test.plan" input.pdf _plan.pdf
pdfstitch -pr 1-5,6,9 input.pdf _pr.pdf
pdfstitch -even input.pdf _even.pdf
pdfstitch -odd input.pdf _odd.pdf
pdfstitch -rt 90 input.pdf _rt.pdf
pdfstitch -per 2*2 input.pdf _per.pdf
pdfstitch -addline 0 255 255 input.pdf _addline.pdf
pdfstitch -order V input.pdf _order.pdf
pdfstitch -gx 50 mm -gy 50 mm input.pdf _gxgy.pdf
pdfstitch -t 10 mm -b 10 mm -l 10 mm -r 10 mm input.pdf _tblr.pdf
pdfstitch -size A4 input.pdf _size.pdf
pdfstitch -scale 50 input.pdf _half.pdf


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