PDF Stamper Command Line text with Underline, Bold, Italic attributes

Can we set the underline and bold on text in the command line?
We are using the -FT"Arial" parameter and would like to set also the bold or/and underline. By using -FN101 it is possible to set the bold. But we would like to use an other font. 

You can use "Arial,Bold" to specify "Bold" property, for example,

pdfstamp.exe -pdf example.pdf -o _test_boldtext1.pdf -at VeryPDF -FN201

pdfstamp.exe -pdf example.pdf -o _test_boldtext2.pdf -at VeryPDF -FT "Arial,Bold"

pdfstamp.exe -pdf example.pdf -o _test_boldtext3.pdf -at "@@HelloWorld" -ft "Arial,Bold" -mlr72 -mtb72 -at "@@HelloWorld" -ft "Arial" -mlr72 -mtb172 -at "@@HelloWorld" -ft "Arial" -mlr72 -mtb272

pdfstamp.exe -pdf example.pdf -o _test_boldtext4.pdf -at "@@HelloWorld" -ft "Arial Black" -mlr72 -mtb72 -at "@@HelloWorld" -ft "Arial" -mlr72 -mtb172 -at "@@HelloWorld" -ft "Arial" -mlr72 -mtb272 -unicode

However, pdfstamp.exe doesn't support underline style yet, we will support it in the next minor update version.

Tried to use the version of -FT "Arial,Bold" but the property Bold is not done.

Used the following statement:
pdfstamp.exe -PDF "Arial Bold.pdf" -o "Arial BoldUPD.pdf" -at "@@HelloWorld" -ft "Arial,Bold" -P1 -mlr10 -FS8 -at "@@HelloWorld" -ft "Arial" -P1 -mlr80 -FS8 -at "@@HelloWorld" -ft "Arial Black" -P1 -mlr160 -FS8

Attached the output pdf

Please download the latest version of pdfstamp command line from our website to try again,


The latest version of pdfstamp.exe does support following command line properly,

pdfstamp.exe -PDF "Arial Bold.pdf" -o "Arial BoldUPD.pdf" -at "@@HelloWorld" -ft "Arial,Bold" -P1 -mlr10 -FS8 -unicode -at "@@HelloWorld" -ft "Arial" -P1 -mlr80 -FS8 -unicode -at "@@HelloWorld" -ft "Arial Black" -P1 -mlr160 -FS8 -unicode

This is the screenshot of above command line,



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