PDF Margin Crop, crop margins from PDF pages automatically

On the Internet, I saw your company's software "PDF Margin Crop V2.0", which was downloaded and tested. The software provided two ways to use DOS and windows.
The software is doing pretty well, especially the Windows version supporting directory (including subdirectories), which is very convenient for handling PDF with multiple documents.

However, during the testing process, it was found that there were problems in the version of windows, which is totally different from the result of DOS version, such as DOS:

pdfmc.exe -margin 10x10x10x10mm -linewidth 0 -specklesize 0 Tka2.pdf Tka2-out.pdf

The results of the DOS treatment fully meet the requirements.

Also set under Windows:


The result is quite different from that under DOS.

I hope the administrator will submit your technical personnel to solve this problem.
Thank you very much!

Sorry for this problem, you may set following options to 1 to try again,

1. Remove speckles which size less than 1 pixel, default is 20,
2. Remove black borders which width less than 1 pixel, default is 8,


You will able to remove margins and keep the minimum margins for PDF files properly.


PDF Margin Crop (GUI + Command Line)

VeryPDF Advanced PDF Page Crop


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