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How can I prevent PDF file on USB flash drive to being copy and paste either via right click or drag and drop copy to other device that is hookup to it like a PC? The file will be PDF, document file, JPG or some other image file, and some movie file etc.?

The scenario is the file will be needed to be just viewable to show people but they cannot copy any part of it out from it other than admin level that create/authorize full control of it. Example is like a person on a field trip is bring some presentation stored on USB flash drive and show it on field premise to showcase company stuff like brochure, PowerPoint, concept drawing, sales figure etc. but we do not allowed them to have those file on the USB drive to being able to copied off to client's PC or even their own home without authorization. Not even a phrase or JPG image from a particular document etc. Pretty much just view only mode.




In general, you can use VeryPDF DocSafe software to protect your documents, although VeryPDF DocSafe software can’t stop peoples to copy your PDF file in Windows Explorer, but it can stop peoples to open and view your PDF file, your PDF file is very safe, nobody can open and view your PDF file without your permission.

After you use VeryPDF DocSafe to protect your PDF file, DocSafe will generate a strong Open Password randomly, store this Open Password to VeryPDF Cloud Server, every time when a user try to open this PDF file, VeryPDF Reader will try to require this password from VeryPDF Cloud Server, if you block this user, this user will fail to open this PDF file. The PDF contents are encrypted by 256bit AES arithmetic, it’s impossible to decrypt the PDF contents without known the open password.

Use PDF Protection function in VeryPDF DocSafe: protect PDF files – stop printing, copying, save as, editing. Protect PDF files no matter where they reside:

  • Stop unauthorized access
  • Stop sharing and distribution
  • Strong strength encryption, DRM and licensing controls
  • Stops users editing, copying and pasting content
  • Locks PDF files to specific devices so they cannot be shared
  • Revoke PDFs at any time regardless of where they reside
  • There are no passwords for users to enter, manage, or remove

PDF is the first choice for storing academic articles and other materials. Information in the PDF can be displayed explicitly with the most resembleness with the original script in color and font. To some extent, PDF can protect copy protection of then content in it, while unfortunately there are so many tools and plug-ins on the Internet so that anyone get the PDF file can easily break or convert it into a accessible format.

Copy protecting PDF, text and other documentation files with its own copy-protect feature is not enough for people with valuable copyright data.  If you crave more performance in stop illegal copy and paste on PDF documents, the USB Copy Protection function in VeryPDF DocSafe software will be the best choice for you! USB Copy Protection is specially designed function that controls access to and use of your PDF, text and other files or documents in your USB drives.

Try an online version of Cloud DocSafe and copy protect PDF in a USB flash drive now:

In order to lock a PDF file to a USB disk or a Hard disk, you need get the USB Disk or Hard Disk series number first, you may run following command line in a CMD window by manual to get series numbers for USB Disk and Hard Disk,

wmic diskdrive get PNPDeviceID

and then open this web page,

please fill “USBSTOR\DISK&VEN_GENERIC&PROD_EXTERNAL&REV_1.14\365644413254395620202020&0” to the “Read only on USB Disk ID” field,


Click “Upload and Secure PDF” button, you will able to protect/lock PDF file to this USB disk properly.

VeryPDF DocSafe PDF Protection – protect PDF files from unauthorized use and misuse,

  • Stop PDF Sharing
  • Stop PDF Printing
  • Stop PDF Copying / Protect PDF against copying & distribution
  • Preventing Saving PDF / Save As
  • Stop PDF Download
  • Stop PDF from being Forwarded / Emailed.
    You cannot stop PDF files from being forwarded or emailed to others, but you can stop the recipients from using those files, see "Stop PDF Copying" above.  A VeryPDF DocSafe protected PDF file can be forwarded and emailed to another user but the recipient will not be able to view it unless the document owner has authorized them to use it.
    If you are the document publisher, you can email protected PDF files to users knowing that if they fall into the wrong hands they cannot be opened.  So if a protected PDF is accidentally forwarded to the wrong person they will not be able to use it.
  • Stop PDF Editing / Lock PDF from editing
  • Protect PDF against content & text copying
  • PDF Expiry. VeryPDF DocSafe enables document publishers to expire PDF files so they can no longer be used after a certain amount of time.  The following options are available:

    expire documents on a fixed date
    expire documents after a number of days
    expire documents after a number of views
    expire documents after a number of prints

    These options can also be used together so that you can enter say a number of days/views/prints and a fixed date and whatever occurs first causes the document to expire.  You might for example want a user to be able to use your documents for a 15 day trial period but those documents will expire on a fixed date regardless if the trial period is used or not.

    Expiry dates can be changed on the administration system at any time and document publishers can increase the number of views/prints available for each user.

  • Revoke PDF Files
  • PDF Watermarking
  • Lock PDFs to country locations, domains and IP addresses
  • Log PDF usage
  • Secure PDF Hosting & Secure PDF Distribution
  • Batch PDF Protect with command line
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