PDF QR Code solution, unlock and read protected PDF files on mobile devices and PC systems using a QR Code Scanner

>>1. Customer will encrypt PDF file in his intranet network, our PDF Encryption software will embed a QR code into this PDF file.
>>So is the QR Code unique for each PDF file?

Yes, the QR Code is unique for each PDF file, our PDF Encryption software does generate the QR Code for each PDF file randomly.


>>2. Customer will send this PDF file to recipient,
>>3. Recipient will open this PDF file in VeryPDF PDF Reader, VeryPDF PDF Reader will read QR code from this PDF file and show on screen,
>>So when the recipient opens the PDF file using the VeryPDF PDF Reader (using mobile), would he be seeing the QR code inside the PDF file?

Yes, VeryPDF has PDF Reader for mobile platform also, include iPhone, iPad and Android platforms. When user open the encrypted PDF file in mobile PDF Reader, it will show the QR code in mobile also, when it show the QR code, it will also call the QR reader which installed on this mobile, user can use fingerprint to login QR reader, recognize QR code and send the unlock code back to mobile PDF Reader automatically, after mobile PDF Reader receive this unlock code, it will show the PDF file continue.

Please notice, the PDF QR Code solution has following highlight features,

1. The QR Code is unique for each PDF file, the QR Code is embedded into PDF file physically.
2. The QR Code is encrypted by multilevel of md5 algorithm, so it's strong enough.
3. The unlocking processing can be done either online and offline, even if your mobile or PC is no network connection, you can read the PDF file without any problem.

For example,
* If your mobile and PC are all no network connection, you can use mobile QR Code Reader to scan the QR Code which shown by PC PDF Reader, obtain an unlock code, and enter this unlock code into PC PDF Reader by manual, then you can read the PDF file on PC properly.
* If your mobile and PC are all have network connection, the PDF unlocking can be done automatically, without any manual inputting, the PDF opening process is very smoothly.

>>4. Recipient will use mobile to scan this QR code to get an open password, enter this open password into PDF Reader, Recipient will able to view this PDF file normally.
>>So once the QR is shown to the user on the his mobile screen, should the step 4 mentioned below be performed using another mobile device?

No, you needn't use the second mobile device to scan the QR code, when mobile PDF Reader showing the QR code, it will looking for QR code Reader on this mobile, if this mobile has already installed QR code Reader, it will pass the QR code image to this QR Code Reader, and obtain the unlocking code, and then open the PDF file continue, everything can be done smoothly.

>>Would you great if you can share any screenshot or slides on how the solution would look like for a layman.

Thanks for your message, we have already finished the basic functions in our VeryPDF DocSafe software, you may download the trial versions of VeryPDF DocSafe from our website to try,

You can encrypt the PDF file online,


You can view the encrypted PDF file by VeryPDF DRM Reader on various platforms,


We have already implemented most functions in VeryPDF DocSafe software except the QR code part, the current version of VeryPDF DocSafe software works like below,

1. The Administrator does use DocSafe Online or Command Line software to embed DRM options into PDF file first,
2. The OpenPassword is stored in the server's database,
3. When a user trying to open the encrypted PDF file on PC or mobile devices, PDF Reader will send this PDF's ID to server, server will verify this user's identity first, if this user has permission to open this PDF file, server will return the OpenPassword to client PDF Reader,
4. After Client PDF Reader get the OpenPassword, it will show the PDF file to user properly.

The PDF QR Code solution is very similar with the VeryPDF DocSafe software, the only difference is the method of how to obtain the unlocking code (or OpenPassword), VeryPDF DocSafe software does obtain unlocking code from remote server, PDF QR Code solution does obtain unlocking code from QR Code Reader, this is the only difference between two solutions or software.

If you have any idea or suggestion for PDF QR Code solution, please feel free to let us know.


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