Custom software development to intercept all printer commands on a windows desktop, decide whether to simply forward the print jobs to the printer or extract text information from print jobs


I am interested in getting the following software made.

1. Intercept all printer commands on a windows desktop.
2. Based on user input, decide whether to simply forward the request to the printer without doing anything OR
3. Extract text information from it and provide APIs to connect to another Software that can use this text and do some useful work.

Please let me know if this software is already available with you. I need to develop my own software on top of this solution and so would need the relevant permissions.

We have some computers on which we charge for printing documents. When a user prints, I would like to intercept the print job, prompt them for their username / password so I can charge their account, then allow the print job to continue through to the printer.

How can this be accomplished? Is it possible to write such a utility in .NET?

Is there a way to monitor the print queue (before it gets to the print queue) and make sure that a particular user is only printing specified number of copy of a document? I want to find out how many copies of printout particular user had taken to maintain a record of this.

How can i do that using Java Code or any other programing language?

Thanks In Advance.

Thanks for your message, we haven't a software which has above functions yet, however, we can develop these functions to you based on VeryPDF HookPrinter SDK software, you may download the trial version of VeryPDF HookPrinter SDK software from this web page to try, if you encounter any problem with HookPrinter SDK software, please feel free to let us know, we are glad to assist you asap,


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