We’re looking a software that prints a custom watermark (their full name) in a PDF when the user buys it in a web, integrate PDF stamping into e-commerce platform, Selling Ebooks and PDF Stamping

Good morning:

We're looking a software that prints a custom watermark (their full name) in a PDF when the user buys it in a web. Does your product and some license allow to connect that webserver to PDF Stamp to print that watermark once the user bought it?

I want to sell Ebooks and PDF Stamping.

Thanks in advanced

Thanks for your message, I suggest you may buy our PDF Stamp COM/SDK Server License or Developer License from this web page,


after a customer purchased a PDF file from your web, your application can call our PDF Stamp COM/SDK to add a watermark with their full name into PDF pages, this can be done easily by our PDF Stamp COM/SDK product.


Thanks for you reply. We got a few doubts:

1.- What does include the PDF Stamp COM/SDK Server License?.
2.- Do we have to set up our own server or the web page will call yours?.
3.- What kind of call will be necessary to "talk" to you PDF Stamp
COM/SDK?, do you have an API or similar?.

Thanks again
>>1.- What does include the PDF Stamp COM/SDK Server License?

The PDF Stamp COM/SDK Server License included following items,


and some VB, VC, Delphi, C# VBScript, etc. example projects.

>>2.- Do we have to set up our own server or the web page will call yours?

Yes, you need setup a server in order to call our product, you should setup a Windows server.

>>3.- What kind of call will be necessary to "talk" to you PDF Stamp COM/SDK?, do you have an API or similar?

Yes, you may download the evaluation package from this URL, this evaluation package contains trial version for DLL files and demo projects, you can call it from your web application for test purpose,


We have also a "VeryPDF Cloud API Platform", you may look at it from this web page,


The more information about PDF Stamper Cloud API can be found from following web pages,







学校 Selling Ebooks and PDF Stamping

Sell Your eBooks in a Snap
The eBook industry has led to an independent publishing revolution. Aspiring and established authors alike are finding success building their own audiences through blogging and social media and selling their eBooks direct to readers.

While you could work to get your eBook on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and other major marketplaces, you end up splitting a substantial percentage of your revenues with them. That might be fine when reaching new audiences through those platforms, but when selling to visitors of your own site, blog or social media, you are better off utilizing an ecommerce tool like VeryUtils, rather than sending your customers, and a lot of their money, away to a third party.

VeryUtils provides Copy-paste button codes, and secure digital delivery of the eBook after payment is successful and all at a low monthly fee with no transaction fees.

We offer PDF security service that automatically stamps the buyer's name, email and their unique Transaction ID on the top-left of each page of the PDF they download. Unlike DRM (Digital Rights Management), this is a simple, non-intrusive way to deter buyers from sharing their PDFs. Our PDF Stamping feature is easy to setup and gives buyer a hassle-free experience. Stamped PDFs work with all PDF reader software and e-reader devices.

If you don't wish to issue Stamped PDFs or are just selling eBooks in DOC or any other document format, it's just like selling any other file; each buyer will get an identical copy of whatever file you upload for the product. We also support many third-party eBook compilers and file-locking solutions.

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