How to set A4 paper size for HTML to PDF conversion?

Good morning. We are using the command line to convert an HTML to a PDF when conversion happens and you open up the PDF the PDF is really blurred and on readable.

Could you please advise before we purchase I have used this product before and I've not had this issue

Command Line:

@echo off
htmltools.exe -width 620 -height 792 -pageheight 618 "C:\XVSApps\Text Docs\CC Document\Standard Courtesy Car Details - in\OutPut\*.*" "C:\XVSApps\Text Docs\CC Document\Standard Courtesy Car Details - in\OutPut\pdf\*.pdf"


We suggest you may add -webkit or -webkit2 option to try again, for example,

htmltools.exe -webkit -width 620 -height 792 -pageheight 618 "D:\test.html" "D:\test.pdf"

htmltools.exe -webkit2 -width 620 -height 792 -pageheight 618 "D:\test.html" "D:\test.pdf"

Can you work fine with above command lines?

Thank you this worked , is there a way to increase the size of my html file to fit to A4 paper

Thanks for your message, you can use following options to create PDF file with A4 paper,

htmltools.exe -webkit -width 595 -height 842 "D:\test.html" "D:\test.pdf"

htmltools.exe -webkit2 width 595 -height 842 "D:\test.html" "D:\test.pdf"


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