How to extract some PDF pages from a PDF file and save to a new PDF file using Python?

VeryUtils has a Python-related PDF library, PythonPDF Library, you can use this Python PDF Library to execute splitting, merging, rotation, u-up pages, watermarking and stamping options to your PDF files easily. PythonPDF Library is a pure Python PDF Library, it's a standalone library, and without depend on any other third party applications.


PythonPDF Library can be purchased from this web page,

after you purchase it online, you will get a download URL for the latest version, please download and unzip it to a folder, then you can use it without any restrictions.

Please by following steps to use VeryUtils PythonPDF Library to extract some PDF pages from an existing PDF file and save them to a new PDF file,

1. Please unzip PythonPDF Library to a folder, such as D:\downloads\python-pdfrw folder,

2. Please run following command line to set the main folder to "PYTHONPATH" environment variable,

set PYTHONPATH=D:\downloads\python-pdfrw

3. Please go to "examples" folder, you can run following command line to extract pages "1-3 5 7-9" from testcmd.pdf file and save them to a new PDF file,

python testcmd.pdf 1-3 5 7-9 is a simple python script, you can run it in Command Line window to extract some pages from a PDF file and save to a new PDF file,
usage: my.pdf page[range] [page[range]] ...
         eg. 1-3 5 7-9

The following is the source code of file,
import sys
import os

from pdfrw import PdfReader, PdfWriter

inpfn = sys.argv[1]
ranges = sys.argv[2:]
assert ranges, "Expected at least one range"

ranges = ([int(y) for y in x.split('-')] for x in ranges)
outfn = 'subset.%s' % os.path.basename(inpfn)
pages = PdfReader(inpfn).pages
outdata = PdfWriter(outfn)

for onerange in ranges:
    onerange = (onerange + onerange[-1:])[:2]
    for pagenum in range(onerange[0], onerange[1]+1):

If you have any question for "PythonPDF Library", please feel free to let us know, we are glad to assist you asap.

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