A solution to encrypt the PDF files by read employees’ data from Excel Spreadsheet, and email the PDF files to employees

Dear Sir/Madam,

We have the following requirement:

1. We have employee pay-slips generated in pdf format file name nnnn.pdf

Where "NNNN" represents the respective employee number.

1. We have an XLS File containing the following information

1. Emp.no.
2. Emp. Name
3. Emp. Date of Birth
4. Emp. Email id
5. Input pdf file name (c:\payslip\NNNN.pdf).

a. Emp.no.
b. Emp. Name
c. Emp. Date of Birth
d. Emp. Email id
e. Input pdf file name (C:\payslip\NNNN.pdf).
1 1-ABC 19600101 1abc@xx.com C:\payslip\1.pdf
11 11-ABC 19611001 11abc@xx.com C:\payslip\11.pdf
111 111-ABC 19621101 111abc@xx.com C:\payslip\111.pdf
1111 1111-ABC 19621231 1111abc@xx.com C:\payslip\1111.pdf

1. We need to do the following based on the above
Pick-up file NNNN.pdf from above column e.)
Encrypt the above pdf file with Emp. Date of Birth (from above column c.) )
as password in format ('YYYYMMDD')
Email the encrypted NNNN.pdf file to the respective email id mentioned in column d.)
The employee should be able to print the encrypted file received in his email.

How Can we achieve all the above with VeryPDF PDF Toolbox Command Line for Windows?
Can you share the windows command line/process and which version of Verypdf software?
should we buy to enable us to achieve the above automation.



Thanks for your message, "VeryPDF PDF Toolbox Command Line" is just a PDF Tools, it hasn't read data from Excel and Send the PDF file by email function, however, you can use "VeryPDF PDF Toolbox Command Line" to encrypt your PDF files easily,

============= PDF Encryption Options==========================
-key40bit               : set output PDF encryption strength as 40 bits.
-key128bit              : set output PDF encryption strength as 128 bits.
-permit <permissions>   : permissions are applied to the output PDF only if
                          encryption strength is specified or an owner or
                          user password is given.
     printing           : allow top quality printing.
     lowprinting        : allow lower quality printing.
     modifycontents     : allow modifying contents.
     assembly           : allow document assembly.
     copying            : allow copying.
     screenreader       : allow screenreader.
     modifyannot        : allow adding annotation.
     filling            : allow filling interactive PDF form.
     allowall           : allow all the above permissions and top quality
-ownerpassword          : set owner password to output PDF file.
-userpassword           : set user password to output PDF file.
-$ <regcode>            : register with a registration code.

Collate scanned pages:
pdftoolbox A=even.pdf B=odd.pdf -crossmerge A B -outfile collated.pdf
or if odd.pdf is in reverse order:
   pdftoolbox A=even.pdf B=odd.pdf -crossmerge A Bend-1 -outfile collated.pdf

   Decrypt a PDF:
   pdftoolbox secured.pdf -inputpassword foopass -outfile unsecured.pdf

   Encrypt a PDF using 128-bit strength:
   pdftoolbox 1.pdf -outfile 1.128.pdf -ownerpassword foopass

   Set an owner password and an user password to a PDF file:
   pdftoolbox 1.pdf -outfile out.pdf -ownerpassword opwd -userpassword upwd

   Enable High Quality Printing when encrypt a PDF file:
   pdftoolbox 1.pdf -outfile out.pdf -ownerpassword opwd -userpassword upwd -permit printing

pdftoolbox sample_in1.pdf -outfile "_ownerpassword.pdf" -ownerpassword 123 -key40bit

pdftoolbox sample_in1.pdf -outfile "_userpassword.pdf" -ownerpassword 123 -userpassword 456 -key128bit   

pdftoolbox sample_in1.pdf -outfile "_high_resolution_printing.pdf" -ownerpassword 123 -key128bit -permit printing

However, we can also develop a custom-build tool for you to do the following functions,

1. Read the data from an Excel file,
2. Encrypt the PDF file using the Excel data,
3. Email the encrypted PDF files to employees one by one,

Please feel free to let us know if you are interested in this custom-build tool.


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