64bit version of PDF Form Filler SDK

Dear people at VeryPDF,

For our document application, we are looking into the option to merge FDF and PDF files together.

I found your "PDF Form Filler SDK" which has the opportunity to link the sdk DLL (pdfform.dll) into a C(++) program, and call the merge function.

The trial download on your site contains 32-bit software.

Currently all our software is 64-bits.
So now our question:

"Do you also sell a 64-bit version of your SDK?"

Anxious to hear from you,
Kind regards,

Thanks for your message, you can call "PDF Form Filler SDK" from 64bit application easily, please by following steps to try,

Please download the trial version from following web page to try,


after you download it, please run following command line to register pdfformcom.exe with administrator privilege,

pdfformcom.exe /regserver

Then you can call "VeryPDFFormEXECOM.pdfformcom" COM from your 32bit and 64bit applications.

This is a simple VB Script code to call "VeryPDFFormEXECOM.pdfformcom", of course, you can call "VeryPDFFormEXECOM.pdfformcom" from VB, VB.NET, C#, C++, etc. program languages easily, this COM can be called from both 32bit and 64bit applications,
Set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
strFolderDir = App.Path

Set VeryPDFFormCom = CreateObject("VeryPDFFormEXECOM.pdfformcom")

szInPDFFile = (strFolderDir & "\example-fw9.pdf")
szInFDFFile = (strFolderDir & "\example-fw9.fdf")
szInXFDFFile = (strFolderDir & "\example-fw9.xfdf")
szOutPDFFile = (strFolderDir & "\out-filled.pdf")
szOutPDFFileByXFDF = (strFolderDir & "\out-filled-byXFDF.pdf")
szOutFDFFile = (strFolderDir & "\out.fdf")
szFlattenPDFFile = (strFolderDir & "\out-flatten.pdf")
szEncryptPDFFile = (strFolderDir & "\out-encrypt.pdf")

VeryPDFFormCom.com_PDFForm_SetLicenseKey ("XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX")
bRet = VeryPDFFormCom.com_PDFForm_MergeFDFIntoPDF(szInPDFFile, szInFDFFile, szOutPDFFile)
bRet = VeryPDFFormCom.com_PDFForm_MergeXFDFIntoPDF(szInPDFFile, szInXFDFFile, szOutPDFFileByXFDF)
bRet = VeryPDFFormCom.com_PDFForm_ExtractFDFFromPDF(szOutPDFFile, szOutFDFFile)
bRet = VeryPDFFormCom.com_PDFForm_FlattenPDF(szOutPDFFile, szFlattenPDFFile)
bRet = VeryPDFFormCom.com_PDFForm_EncryptPDF(szOutPDFFile, "123", "456", "Printing", 128, szEncryptPDFFile)

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