Can your software capture the information sent to the printer and save it to a file for later use (e.g. printing or viewing the data)?


I am interested in using HookPrinter software for a specific purpose and would appreciate your feedback. I have a dot-matrix printer connected to a scale that sends weight data to the printer at approximately 1-minute intervals. However, the printer frequently experiences issues and the customer wishes to discontinue its use.

I am wondering if your software can capture the data sent to the printer and save it to a file for later use, such as printing or viewing the data. I am also curious about how the software handles situations where data is not printed simultaneously. For example, if the scale sends data as follows:

2023-03-29 17:48 45000
2023-03-29 17:49 43250
2023-03-29 17:50 44650
2023-03-29 17:51 43000
2023-03-29 17:52 42330

with each line sent one minute apart. How is this information stored? Can the software aggregate it into one file, making it possible to view or print all of the lines together?

Finally, does the software run as a service to ensure it is always running?

I appreciate any information you can provide on these questions.


Dear Customer,

Thank you for providing us with detailed information. We have a demo version that may be suitable for your needs. To try it out, you can download the demo version from the following webpage:

Solution #1: Using "VeryPDF HookPrinter Print Logger"

This software can be installed on your printer server. Once installed, it will capture print jobs from both remote and local systems, convert them to PDF files, and send them to the VeryPDF server. If you decide to purchase the software, you can also store the print jobs on your own server. You can view a demo of the print report on the following webpage:

If the first solution does not work for you, we have another option available:

Solution #2: Using a Virtual Printer as an Intermediary

This solution involves installing a virtual printer on your system and renaming your POS printer to another name, such as "Final-Printer." The virtual printer will be named as the original name of the POS printer and will be shared with Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows clients on your local network. When you print a document from any of these clients, the virtual printer will convert the print jobs to text contents, insert them into a database, and then forward the print jobs to "Final-Printer."

See Also: Introducing VeryPDF Dummy Network Shared Printer Solution

The steps of use a Dummy Virtual Printer as an intermediary,
1. We will install a Virtual Printer into your system,
2. Rename your POS Printer to another name, such as "Final-Printer",
3. Rename Virtual Printer to original name of POS Printer,
4. Share Virtual Printer to Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, etc. clients in local network,
5. When you print a document from Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, etc. clients to this Virtual Printer, this Virtual Printer will convert print jobs to text contents, insert into database, and then forward the print jobs to "Final-Printer" continue,
6. OK.

If the first solution does not work, we are confident that the second solution will meet your requirements.

Best regards,

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