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PDFPrint Command Line doesn’t work when we call it from web application

Hi there, we have been using VeryPDF PDFPrint Command Line in windows server. from today it is no longer working. suspect license renewal. we already have life time key. can you please help how to print.

Found that we have no license issue via pdfprint.exe command prompt testing.

We are using pdfprint.exe as below. When it runs command prompt, it is working but. When it runs from the page, it did not print.

Do you have tech support that windows server print related to issue.




This problem is caused by permission limitation in the LocalSystem user account, when you call pdfprint.exe from your web page, pdfprint.exe is running inside LocalSystem user account, LocalSystem user account don't have permission to access to Windows Printers and network printers, so you need to run pdfprint.exe from an normal user account, pdfprint.exe will able to access to all printers properly. Please look at the solutions from following web pages,







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Print multiple files at once with PDF Batch Print GUI software

Print multiple files at once with PDF Batch Print GUI software


Automatically print documents with the PDF Batch Print GUI! Print files in different formats at the same time without opening each file. Over 90 document types are supported. Works with all types of printers.

You can easily print your documents using "PDF Batch Print GUI" in just three steps,
1. Add files
2. Select the printer
3. Print

Using the PDF Batch Print GUI, printing large numbers of files is as easy as 1-2-3. You no longer have to manually open each file, select a printer, set print settings, click Print menu and repeat again. Instead, just drag and drop your documents into the list, choose a printer, and let our software do the printing work for you.

PDF Batch Print GUI is the best document printing software in the market,
* 1 interface.
* 3 Click Print All Files.
* 90+ supported formats.

PDF batch printing GUI highlighting features:
* Print multiple documents with just 3 clicks.
* Supported multiple formats. Print PDFs, text, image files, office documents, and more than 90 other file types.
* Print on any printer: local printer, network printer or virtual printer.
* Configure over 100 advanced print settings.
* Configure settings for all documents in the list or individually.
* Estimate the amount of paper needed before printing.
* Print files in order.
* Print your documents in sorted order.
* Get detailed print job completion reports.

-- Do not open the file anymore after printing it
Save time by printing multiple PDFs or other documents in batch mode. Now you don't have to open them individually. Imagine how long it would take to print out hundreds of files in multiple folders! With the PDF Batch Print GUI software, you don't need to open a PDF viewer, Office application, text editor, or other applications every time you need to print a document. Just add each file to the file list, select the printing device, and click the "Start Printing" button.

-- Print all documents in a folder

Using the PDF batch printing GUI software, you can easily print documents or entire folders of files. The PDF Batch Print GUI provides a simple interface to add and arrange files prior to a print session. Use drag-and-drop to add files, the Open File dialog, import a list of files into file list, or select specific types of documents from folders and their subfolders. You can sort documents by file name or type, arrange files to print in a specific order, or print a subset of documents in a list.

-- An intelligent approach to document processing

PDF Batch Print GUI software chooses the most efficient way to process your files. Suppose you want to print multiple Word DOCX files "as is". In this case, the PDF Batch Print GUI will use the Microsoft Word API as this is the fastest and most straightforward way to process DOC and DOCX files.

However, if you need to print your DOCX file in grayscale and add pagination, the PDF Batch Print GUI will first export your DOCX file to PDF. Our PDF processing engine will then be used, as Microsoft Word cannot batch print files in grayscale. This way, processing may take longer, but the results will meet the requirements. Therefore, if a specific task cannot be solved "directly", the program will switch to printing via PDF.

-- Batch print over 90 different document types

PDF files: PDF, PDF/A, PDF/X
PDF Batch Print GUI software features a fast and reliable PDF print engine. Batch print any standard Adobe Acrobat PDF files. You can also print PDF Portfolio files and searchable, image-only, and password-protected PDF files.

Word documents: DOC, DOCX
Batch print Microsoft Word documents. You can print macro-enabled Word files, enable/disable track changes and comments, select markup mode, and update dynamic fields before printing the Word file. You can also batch print TXT, RTF, WPD and other text files.

Set the image DPI and paper size for the image file. Batch print JPEG, PNG, TIFF, PSD, SVG, RAW images, CorelDraw CDR, CGM and other image types. Images and photos can also be printed in different scale modes.

Technical drawings and CAD files
Batch print Autodesk AutoCAD DWG and DXF drawings, Visio VSD drawings, SLDDRW, IDW, IPN (Autodesk, SolidWorks, Visio files), KOMPAS-3D and more. PDF Batch Print GUI is compatible with eDrawings Viewer and Autodesk Inventor Viewer.

Zebra ZPL Labels, Barcodes and QR Codes
Easily print Zebra ZPL industrial barcodes, QR codes or labels in batch mode with the PDF Batch Print GUI. You can batch print any Zebra ZPL file created with ZPL programming code.

Excel and PowerPoint: XLS, XLSX, CSV, PPT, PPTX
Print Excel spreadsheets (XLS, XLSX) including macro-enabled files and comma-separated values ​​(CSV), Microsoft Project MPP, XPS, and various other office documents using the PDF Batch Print GUI software.

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pdf security

Endpoint for PDF Digital Signature Cloud API

Hello, I didn't find the endpoint for PDF Digital Signature Cloud API API calls. could you send me this endpoint.

Have an excellent day.


Sorry, we don't provide the endpoint for PDF Digital Signature Cloud API API currently, maybe we will provide it in the future, but at the moment, this function is not available yet.

We have a "VeryPDF PDF Security and Signature (Shell & COM & SDK)" product, this product provides DLL and Command Line interfaces, you can integrate it into your application and distribute it along with your products to your customers royalty free,


We have also some PDF Digital Signature software for Desktop and Web users, you may download the trial version of them from following web pages,



If you have any question for these products, please feel free to let us know, we are glad to assist you asap.


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pdf form filler

64bit version of PDF Form Filler SDK

Dear people at VeryPDF,

For our document application, we are looking into the option to merge FDF and PDF files together.

I found your "PDF Form Filler SDK" which has the opportunity to link the sdk DLL (pdfform.dll) into a C(++) program, and call the merge function.

The trial download on your site contains 32-bit software.

Currently all our software is 64-bits.
So now our question:

"Do you also sell a 64-bit version of your SDK?"

Anxious to hear from you,
Kind regards,

Thanks for your message, you can call "PDF Form Filler SDK" from 64bit application easily, please by following steps to try,

Please download the trial version from following web page to try,


after you download it, please run following command line to register pdfformcom.exe with administrator privilege,

pdfformcom.exe /regserver

Then you can call "VeryPDFFormEXECOM.pdfformcom" COM from your 32bit and 64bit applications.

This is a simple VB Script code to call "VeryPDFFormEXECOM.pdfformcom", of course, you can call "VeryPDFFormEXECOM.pdfformcom" from VB, VB.NET, C#, C++, etc. program languages easily, this COM can be called from both 32bit and 64bit applications,
Set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
strFolderDir = App.Path

Set VeryPDFFormCom = CreateObject("VeryPDFFormEXECOM.pdfformcom")

szInPDFFile = (strFolderDir & "\example-fw9.pdf")
szInFDFFile = (strFolderDir & "\example-fw9.fdf")
szInXFDFFile = (strFolderDir & "\example-fw9.xfdf")
szOutPDFFile = (strFolderDir & "\out-filled.pdf")
szOutPDFFileByXFDF = (strFolderDir & "\out-filled-byXFDF.pdf")
szOutFDFFile = (strFolderDir & "\out.fdf")
szFlattenPDFFile = (strFolderDir & "\out-flatten.pdf")
szEncryptPDFFile = (strFolderDir & "\out-encrypt.pdf")

VeryPDFFormCom.com_PDFForm_SetLicenseKey ("XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX")
bRet = VeryPDFFormCom.com_PDFForm_MergeFDFIntoPDF(szInPDFFile, szInFDFFile, szOutPDFFile)
bRet = VeryPDFFormCom.com_PDFForm_MergeXFDFIntoPDF(szInPDFFile, szInXFDFFile, szOutPDFFileByXFDF)
bRet = VeryPDFFormCom.com_PDFForm_ExtractFDFFromPDF(szOutPDFFile, szOutFDFFile)
bRet = VeryPDFFormCom.com_PDFForm_FlattenPDF(szOutPDFFile, szFlattenPDFFile)
bRet = VeryPDFFormCom.com_PDFForm_EncryptPDF(szOutPDFFile, "123", "456", "Printing", 128, szEncryptPDFFile)

See Also:




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verypdf blog, verypdf sdk & com

Best Document Conversion Service and Best File Conversion Service

VeryPDF Document Conversion Service which powered by VeryPDF Document Conversion series software. VeryPDF Document Conversion Service is a scalable & reliable document conversion service to convert 200+ document formats to PDF and PDF/A with Fast Web View and Encryption.


VeryPDF Document Conversion Service is a professional company-wide software for automating your document processes. It takes input documents of different formats from various sources, processing them according to your requirements. You can use this Document Conversion Service as a reliable automated process and ensure high-quality document conversion to PDF and PDF/A.

Batch convert Office Word, Excel, Powerpoint documents to PDF and PDF/A: mass convert MS Office file formats like Excel, Powerpoint and Word to PDF and PDF/A preparing them for long-term archiving, web viewing or printing. Batch convert DOC to PDF, XLS to PDF, PPT to PDF, MSG to PDF, DOCX to PDF, XLSX to PDF, PPTX to PDF, HTML to PDF, EMF to PDF, XML to PDF, TIFF to PDF, JPEG to PDF, PNG to PDF, Image to PDF, GIF to PDF, BMP to PDF, etc.

VeryPDF Document Conversion Service can be accessed via watched folders, Rest API, GUI Client and Shell Client for batch processing using the command line. Its main features and use cases include converting documents to PDF/A for long-term archiving, validating and repairing PDF documents, file optimization (reducing PDF file size, color space conversion, remove discarded objects, downgrade images' resolution, etc.), making documents searchable through OCR, merging PDF files and creating digital signatures. Each of these processing steps can be configured and also combined in customized document workflows tailored to your company's individual needs.

--- PDF Archiving
Optimize your document archiving process by creating archivable PDF/A.
Ensure that your documents are:
* audit-proof
* searchable
* PDF/A conform

--- Document Conversion
REST/Batch convert Word to PDF as well as other Microsoft Office file formats.
* Batch convert doc/docx to PDF
* Batch convert xls/xlsx to PDF
* Batch convert ppt/pptx to PDF
* Batch convert msg/eml to PDF
* Batch convert html to PDF
* Batch convert image files to PDF

--- PDF/A Validation
Ensure that all incoming documents meet your requirements, regardless of their source.
* Is it a valid PDF document?
* Is it PDF/A conform?
* Does it comply with your corporate guidelines?

VeryPDF Document Conversion Service highlight features:
* Validate & repair PDF documents
* Convert to PDF/A
* PDF/A­3
* Flexible configuration for convert mode of each document type
* Attach source document
* Attach additional documents
* Optimize
* Reduce file size
* Remove unnecessary information
* Make documents searchable through OCR
* Merge
* Add bookmark for merged documents
* Digital Signature
* Apply Stamps

If you have any questions for this VeryPDF Document Conversion Service, please feel free to contact us, we will assist you asap.


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