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The Acrobat 3 And Later option uses a low encryption level (40‑bit RC4), while the other options use a high encryption level (128‑bit RC4 or AES). Acrobat 6.0 And Later lets you enable metadata for searching. Acrobat 9.0 And Later encrypts the document using the AES encryption algorithm with a 256-bit key size.

So apparently 7 will use 128-bit AES. I'd say you're very safe, especially with a password like that. The National Institute of Standards and Technology agrees:

Assuming that one could build a machine that could recover a DES key in a second (i.e., try 255 keys per second), then it would take that machine approximately 149 thousand-billion (149 trillion) years to crack a 128-bit AES key.

Under Acrobat 9, Adobe made changes to the underlying algorithm. And while they upgraded the encryption to 256-bit AES, the algorithm allows for brute force and dictionary attacks to waste less processor cycles on each password interaction. You can read about it in Adobe's blog.

PDF Password Protector is the best PDF protecting program, password protecting a PDF file helps you make certain that even if the document will get misplaced the material will not be available to anybody else unless you shared the password with them. VeryPDF PDF Password Protector is a program that permits you to password protect PDF paperwork when generating them.

PDF Password Protector has following features:

PDF Password Protector - Encrypt your PDF files has never been easier! Now choose from more options when encryption your PDF files!

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