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PDF Protect - EncryptPDF software
Secure your PDF files - simple to use encryption & copy controls

PDF Protect: Password Protect Your PDF Files!!!

PDF Protect is a stand-alone product, which can be used to protect your PDF files from modification, coping and printing. If you wish protect your PDF files in a folder, just load these PDF files into PDF Protect product, set new encryption options and click the "Start" button. That's all. The encryption level and protection settings are altered immediately.

The program's capabilities are:

PDF Protect is easy of use, just load your PDF files into product and encrypt them immediately.
Able to support 40 bit encryption.
Able to support 128 bit encryption.
Able to support 128 bit AES (Sophisticated Encryption Protection) encryption.
Protect all of your PDF files exist in a folder and sub-folders.

PDF Protect is support following permission options:

Allow low resolution printing.
Allow the PDF document to become modified.
Allow content materials to grow to be copied.
Allow incorporating or modifying annotations.
Enable type filling.
Assistance exhibit display reader devices for that visually impaired.
Allow assembling.
Permit top quality printing.

Also, PDF Protect is able to skip the encrypted PDF file automatically, in the following screenshot, PDF Protect is show "This file has been encrypted." for a PDF file, it is indicate this PDF file has been encrypted, so you can't protect this PDF file again, PDF Protect will skip this PDF file automatically, this feature is great when you protect lots of PDF files at one time.

Batch protect your PDF files automatically

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