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PDF Security Tool

PDF Security Tool - EncryptPDF software
Secure your PDF files - simple to use encryption & copy controls
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PDF Security Tool can be used to add passwords to your PDF files, PDF Passwords enable you to limit accessibility and utilization of one's material to individuals who have the password employed to guarded the PDF file. PDF file has two type of passwords:

Open passwords: This password does lock your file so only people with the right password can open the file.
Permission passwords: This password does lock certain overall performance every time an individual opens your file. As an example, you are able to stop recipients from copying text from or printing your document.

You will uncover two approaches to protected a PDF file creating utilization of certificate protection:

Password Protection dialog: Within the Document Attributes location of Nitro PDF Professional it is possible to view safety configurations and manually use safety.
Protection profiles: The re-usable protection profiles allow you to assist conserve custom-made protection configurations following which utilize these configurations to a document with 1 click on on.

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