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Protect PDF Tool

Protect PDF Tool - EncryptPDF software
Secure your PDF files - simple to use encryption & copy controls

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Why do individuals need password protect their PDF files?

The simple answer is "security". They like to live beneath the delusion that incompetent or inadequate passwords current some fig leaf of defense, although anybody with any capability to investigation the net can get items that get rid of that irrelevant defense immediately. Lookup for pdf password, pdf password protect, pdf password protection, pdf password security or password protect pdf on the internet and at least three of the first 10 search queries are for pdf password crackers. So, in order to protect your PDF files, you should better add an "open password" to your PDF files by our Protect PDF Tool, this will enhance your PDF file's safety better.

VeryPDF Protect PDF Tools will enable you to do following works:

Encrypt PDF files by just ONE click.
Supports PDF user password and owner password protection.
Password protect opening of the PDF document.
Disable printing of the PDF document.
Disable copying of text/graphics.
Disable modifications to PDF the document.
Password protection for PDF files with 40 or 128 bit encryption.
Detect if PDF file is encrypted or not.

Please refer to following screenshot to study the passwords in PDF format,

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