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What is plain text format?

Refers to textual data in ASCII format. Plain text is the most portable format because it is supported by nearly every application on every machine. It is quite limited, however, because it cannot contain any formatting commands. In cryptography, plain text refers to any message that is not encrypted. Contrast with cipher text. Plain text is also called clear text.

In computing, plain text is the contents of an ordinary sequential file readable as textual material without much processing, usually opposed to formatted text.
The encoding has traditionally been either ASCII, one of its many derivatives such as ISO/IEC 646 etc., or sometimes EBCDIC. Unicode is today gradually replacing the older ASCII derivatives limited to 7 or 8 bit codes.

Would you like to convert your TXT files to searchable PDF files, or combine your TXT documents into a single PDF file? TXT to PDF Converter is a batch PDF Creator that convert TXT to PDF on the fly, you can convert a lot of TXT document to PDF files once time! saving your time and money! 

Convert Text to PDF

VeryPDF TXT to PDF Converter is really a tool that allows you to automatically convert your ASCII text to into good-looking PDF documents. The converter enables you to rapidly convert newsletters, studies and tables into a a lot more moveable format. The PDF file which be created by txt to PDF conversion is modest, you'll be able to distribute converted PDF file to other peoples quickly.

The software makes use of the exact same powerful text analysis engine as the highly praised HTML and RTF converters. This plain text analysis engine permits the utility to acknowledge the structure of your document and rework your .txt files into PDF files. The outcome can be a good-looking and accurate PDF paperwork. Whenever you convert your text to PDF, the software recognizes several typographical capabilities, including following features,

headings (numbered, underlines, capitalized)
bullet factors
multiple indentation amounts
paragraphs and short lines
ASCII artwork diagrams, tables and code samples

Exactly where tables or diagrams are detected in the unique text these are output making use of a non-proportional font of an appropriate dimensions within the PDF document. All other text is place out in a totally justified proportional font, producing the resulting text simpler to the eye.

In contrast to numerous other PDF converters, VeryPDF TXT to PDF Converter is definitely an totally self-contained application that does not demand the installation of some other software program in order to convert a txt file to PDF. Nor does it demand that you simply set up it as a printer driver. You just operate the plan, select the files you would like transformed and press the Convert button to produce the PDF output. The converter is able of accepting wildcards, permitting it to convert several files at once inside a single pass, with out repeated manual intervention.

A console application can also be offered. This delivers the very same features, but as a command line utility it's going to be better suited for use in automated treatments and batch conversions you employ to convert text to PDF. VeryPDF TXT to PDF Converter is the simplest way to convert from txt to PDF.

You can run following command line to convert your TXT invoice or report to PDF file,

html2pdf.exe "C:\test.txt" "C:\out.pdf" "papertype=0"

the following is the sample screenshot of command line for txt to pdf conversion,

Convert Text to PDF

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