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GIF to PDF Converter - GIF to PDF
GIF to PDF Conversion - Convert GIF to PDF file (gif2pdf, giftopdf)

What is GIF format?

The GIF is Graphics Interchange Format. GIF pictures are generally utilized around the Internet for buttons, headings, and logos. You can effortlessly convert most images to the GIF format in any image editing software. Keep in mind that photographic images are much better suited for the JPEG format.

GIF was invented by Compuserve for their online service, but the specifications were made publicly available. GIFs can hold multiple bitmaps of up to 256 colors each, using LZW compressed raster data to minimize file sizes.

Gif utilizes LZW data compression that is significantly a great deal far more productive compared to run-length encoding. On account of it it's possible to download significant pictures even having a slow modem for a short time. The optional interlacing attribute created it achievable to acknowledge even a partially downloaded picture as a person can abort the download if it actually is not what was required. GIF pictures are limited to 256 colors.

VeryPDF GIF to PDF Converter doesn't support GIF animation, it will convert first frame from GIF image to PDF file, for example, you can run following command line to convert your GIF image to PDF file,

img2pdf -o out.pdf input.gif

GIF to PDF Converter will use LZW compression algorithm to compress the GIF image in PDF stream, this will keep the PDF file size as small as original GIF image.

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