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Convert PDF into Word/Text format
VeryPDF Acrobat to Office converts PDF documents into editable Microsoft Word (.doc or .rtf) and .txt formats, retaining original text layout and images. This conversion utility identifies tables, paragraphs, columns etc. and replicates the PDF documents to fully formatted Microsoft Word documents proficiently.

Acrobat to Office
Converter instantly converts PDF files into Microsoft Word documents that look just like the original - complete with all formatting and images! Information is set free - free to be edited and free to be integrated into your documents. 

Acrobat to Office software is a standalone program and does not require Microsoft Word, Adobe Acrobat, or even Acrobat Reader.
Acrobat to Office is a batch PDF Converter that you can convert a lot of PDF files to word documents once time! saving your time! 

Acrobat to Office Converter Features:

bullet Acrobat to Office converts PDF files into Microsoft Word RTF formats;
bullet Acrobat to Office supports batch PDF to DOC conversion;
bullet Acrobat to Office is a standalone software, MS Word, Adobe Acrobat and Reader NOT required!
bullet Acrobat to Office processes the conversion at very high speed;
bullet Acrobat to Office supports Command Line Operation (for manual use or inclusion in scripts);
bullet Acrobat to Office supports Win98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/7/etc. platforms;
bullet You can convert the whole PDF file at once or you can choose specific pages to be converted.
So if you have big documents and you need to convert just part of those, Acrobat to Office Converter provides the suitable option to do so.
bullet Acrobat to Office supports automatically resize PDF page to fit your requirement;
bullet Acrobat to Office supports accurately preserves Text, Pictures, and Layout;
bullet Acrobat to Office is easy to use;
bullet Very often, you need to edit your PDF documents. VeryPDF Acrobat to Office allows you to be in charge of your document.
bullet Editing your converted document is absolutely easy.
bullet This document converter also converts your document to .rtf format besides .doc format.
bullet Acrobat to Office supports multiple document conversions (Batch Processing);
bullet Convert multiple PDF files to any available format in a batch.
bullet Acrobat to Office supports drag and drop files and batch conversion;
bullet Acrobat to Office supports all version of PDF files;
bullet Converted files can be automatically loaded immediately after conversion complete;
bullet Acrobat to Office supports page ranges (all, from to, individual pages);
bullet VeryPDF PDF to Word is not dependent on any other software including Microsoft Word, Adobe Acrobat, or Acrobat Reader. It is a standalone program.
bullet Acrobat to Office supports English, French, German, Italian and other languages;
bullet Acrobat to Office supports delete graphics and pictures from the generated Word document;

Acrobat to Office Converter is able to handle rotated pages, text, images, and shapes, the new software automatically recognizes rotated pages and its contents and preserves text, layout, and images in the converted Word document as in the original PDF document. If your text, image, or shape is vertical in the PDF document, it will get replicated as it is in your converted Word document. This feature is specifically beneficial for document with graphs and charts etc.

Earlier version used to optimize the file size of the converted document to minimum. Now it can optimize the file size further and hence the converted document is of significantly low file size. Due to this, you can be easily upload or download your converted documents quickly.

Acrobat to Office Converter retains the layout of the original PDF document, creating a fully-formatted and editable Microsoft Word document. PDF Converter separates text, columns and images, giving you amazing access to text and data. Best of all, PDF Converter works with all industry-standard PDF files that were originally created from popular PC applications - including Microsoft Word, Quark and others. Click here to learn more...


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