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VeryPDF PDF to Word Converter user manual

1. Introduction for PDF to Word

    PDF to Word software enable export the text, images and other contents from PDF document into word document, so you can reuse your PDF content, PDF to word software will preserving text, layout and bitmap images in the generated word document.
    PDF to Word
software is a standalone program and does not require Microsoft Word, Adobe Acrobat, or even Acrobat Reader.

2.Key features of PDF to Word

3.Getting started

1.Demo version

    PDF2Word(pdf to word) is a shareware, the trail version of PDF2Word(pdf to word) can only let you convert up to 5 pages in one PDF documents. If you want to convert more pages, you need purchase it. 

2.Demo version limitations

1. You are allowed to process only up to one file simultaneously;
2. The demo version can only let you convert up to 5 pages in one PDF documents;
3. The demo version is free of charge and is used for testing the software. In the demo version random *'s are inserted into the exported text. This restriction is not in the full version of VeryPDF PDF2Word product.

3.Basic functions in PDF to Word

VeryPDF PDF to Word is very easy to use.
1) Convert only one file: select Open command from File menu, and choose the PDF file from Open PDF files dialog, there will be a Save as dialog popped up and you can enter a new RTF file name for your PDF file, then at last press OK button.
2) Convert PDF files: Operations the same as convert one file, notice the new RTF file names will be set by default corresponding to old PDF file names.
3) Drag and drop files: Just drag PDF file(s) to PDF2Word(pdf to word) main window from windows Explorer. PDF2Word(pdf to word) will receive the files and start converting.
4) Pause: If you want to pause while PDF2Word(pdf to word) converting files, simply click Pause button. You can click Resume button to resume converting.
5) Stop: Press Stop button will stop current job.
6) Option window as below can be showed when select Reference command from File menu.
7) Always on top: Toggle this option to make PDF2Word(pdf to word) main window always on top.
8) Technical support: Send your questions via E-mail.
9) Register: Enter the correct series number for register. Once registered, all the function limitations will be removed. You can also click try to continuing use PDF2Word(pdf to word) trial version without registration.

Reconstruction Modes:

Select your Reconstruction Mode. Options are:
1. Combine text blocks automatically. Uses Word text boxes to ensure that the text and graphic layout in the Word document is the same as the PDF file. This option will reconstruct Word document by text blocks.

2. Flow text with text boxes. Uses Word text boxes to ensure that the text and graphic layout in the Word document is the same as the PDF file. This option will reconstruct Word document and preserves text flow.

3. Extract mode for reconstruction. Uses Word text boxes to ensure that the text and graphic layout in the Word document is the same as the PDF file. This option will reconstruct Word document by per text line.

4. Flow text without text boxes. Recovers page layout, columns, formatting, and graphics, and preserves text flow.

5. Continuous text without text boxes. Does not retain the exact layout of the document. Correctly reconstructs the text order but will only recover paragraph formatting, graphics, and text flow.

Merge pictures into background. This option will put the pictures into background.

6. PDF2Word v1.x compatible options. Compatible options which come from VeryPDF PDF to Word 1.x product.

Space between characters:
Auto combine neighboring characters into one sentence.
Use Text Box to fix the text position:
This option can keep the original page layout.
Auto merge nearby text blocks:
Auto to merge neighboring text contents, so you can edit the result Word document easily.
Delete line breaks in a text block:
Support soft return in text blocks.
Auto process the spaces:
This option can auto add some spaces between words.

General options:

Select page range: Select all for convert all pages. Or you can select Selected pages and input page number into from and to text field to convert pages between these numbers.
Output Options
:Output Zoom, set percentage size for converted DOC file.
View after convert: Toggle this option to launch RTF file immediately after conversion complete.

Language options:

Auto: The PDF2Word software will auto recognize and process the character set from PDF to Word document conversion.
English Document:
You can convert your PDF document to pure English document with this option.

Graphics options:

Delete All Graphics (Line, Arc, etc.): Delete all graphics from the result Word document.
Delete All Pictures: Delete all picture from the result Word document.

4.Command Line options

    To perform batch conversion or call conversion procedure from an automation script, you can use command line function in the PDF2Word(pdf to word) software, You can either run this tool directly from command line or call it from any script as well. The program supports the following command-line options:

Usage: PDF2Word [Option] <PDF File> [<DOC File>]
-f <page number> : First page to be converted
-l <page number> : Last page to be converted
-z <zoom ratio>  : Set zoom ratio when conversion, the range is from 50 to 200
-b <space number>: Space between characters
-q               : Exit after converting
-m               : Run without window
-r               : Overwrite an existing destination file without prompting to confirm
-h or -?         : Print usage information
-i <input PDF file name>  : PDF file will be converted
-o <output RTF file name> : RTF file will be generated

For example : 
PDF2Word -i c:\a.pdf
PDF2Word -i c:\a.pdf -o c:\a.doc
PDF2Word -q -f 5 -l 8 -i c:\a.pdf -o c:\a.doc
PDF2Word -q -f 1 -l 1 -i c:\a.pdf -o c:\a.doc
PDF2Word -q -m -r -b 50 -f 1 -l 1 -i c:\a.pdf -o c:\a.doc

Technical Support

If you have any technical questions, suggests, bug reports, please contact us (http://support.verypdf.com/)