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Become a Reseller

Why become a VeryPDF Reseller?
VeryPDF Software uses our own PDF core technology to develop a series of convenient PDF tools which are quite competitive and affordable. Many famous customers like IBM, Microsoft and Xerox have cooperated with us to take advantage of our technology for their specific needs. All of our PDF-related tools are quite reasonable and affordable compared with Adobe products. With great support of convincing technology and competitive products, we believe VeryPDF Software will catch more eyes from customers and help our resellers increase great profit margin.

Benefits of being a VeryPDF Reseller

As a reseller of VeryPDF Software, you will get:

How to apply for being a reseller?
Step 1 - Write to for this request and attach your company information and contact details.
Step 2 - VeryPDF will send back a reseller ID and related policy to you shortly after confirmation.
Step 3 - Then send your emailed purchase order each time to us. VeryPDF sales will process your orders immediately.

VeryPDF accepts standard Purchase Orders and orders via email, fax and phone.
Orders must include quantity, product name (or part number), platform, ship to address, payment terms, and purchase order in all correspondence.
If specific wording and/or pricing is required for customs, this must be stated on the order.
These simple measures insure accurate and prompt delivery of the proper items.

Reseller category

VeryPDF offers three different reseller categories:

Category 'A' - is an active and aggressive reseller of software development tools. Discounts are available on all standard products and upgrades. Discount range up to 40%. Typical monthly minimum purchase volume $3500.

Category 'B' - is a regular reseller of VeryPDF products but specializes in other market segments. Typically a reseller of business tools who has requirement for software development tools on an irregular or limited basis. Discount is available on new commercial software. Discount range up to 15%. Typical monthly minimum purchase volume $1500.

Category 'C' - is an infrequent reseller of VeryPDF products. Typically is a software reseller who requires VeryPDF products occasionally. Discounts are available on most items. Discount range up to 10%. Typical monthly minimum purchase volume is open-ended, but purchases must be regular.

Reseller classification is reviewed annually by VeryPDF and subject to change based on reseller purchase and marketing activity during the prior 12 months.

Reseller Application Form
Name,Address, Email address, Telephone Number , Website URL, Company Name,Skype ID(If you have), Reseller category.
In order to facilitate us to contact you easier in the future, please send the information above to us.  Email address: