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VeryPDF PDF Stamp


PDF Stamp

  • Stamp PDF with images.
  • Stamp PDF with texts.
  • Stamp PDF with shapes.

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Version 2.3

VeryPDF PDF Stamp

VeryPDF PDF Stamp is a professional PDF stamp creator or PDF watermark creator, which can help you stamp PDF with images, text, graphic lines and rectangles. With the help of this stamp creator, you can annotate your PDF with custom stamps. VeryPDF PDF Stamp is a powerful and useful tool which enables you to easily apply company logos, signatures, charts, page numbers, date and time, contact information to the PDF files.

VeryPDF PDF Stamp provides three versions: the GUI (graphical user interface) version, the command line version and the COM version.

Required Operating Systems

  • Support Microsoft Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/7/2008/8/10/11 and later systems of both 32-bit and 64-bit.
  • Features of VeryPDF PDF Stamp

    Stamp images on PDF

    Stamp images on PDF

    • Stamp PDF files with images in various formats: JPEG/JPG, GIF, PCX, TGA, ICO, PNG, JP2, PNM, TIFF/TIF, BMP, etc.
    • Able to increase or decrease original image size.
    • No need to use any third-party application to adjust image size before using images as PDF stamps.
    Stamp text on PDF

    Stamp text on PDF

    • Apply text stamps to PDF with various effects.
    • Support various fonts. Add text watermarks by using the standard Base 15 Fonts and Windows System Fonts.
    • Support font style, font size, and text modes (solid/outline) settings.
    • Support color settings: gray scale and RGB Color (0-255 RGB color values).
    • Allow you to rotate the text stamps on any angle.
    Support encrypted PDF files conversion

    Stamp graphics on PDF

    • Stamp PDF with graphic lines or rectangles.
    • Specify a rotation angle degree for graphic lines or rectangles.
    • Stamp multiple line stamps and other types of stamps on the PDF files at a time.
    • Automatically fit the length of the line stamps to the PDF files.

    Place stamps wherever you like

    • Add stamps on the page header and page¬†footer.
    • Provide multiple position options, enabling you to put your stamp at the top, at the bottom, in the vertical center, at the diagonal-top left or at the diagonal-bottom left.
    • Place the stamp on top of or underneath the original PDF contents.


    • Support hyperlinks such as web links.
    • Do not require Adobe Acrobat.
    • Support all versions of PDF document formats.
    • Keep the original PDF files intact. Duplicate the original file with a specified file name, and stamp on the duplicate file.
    • Support page range settings. You can specify the start and the end page numbers for a range of pages.
    • Add dynamic text stamps on PDF, including "Author", "Title", "Subject", etc.
    • Support Bates numbers.

    Features of the Command Line and COM Versions

    In addition to the above features, the command line version and the COM version have the following features:

  • Support opacity settings. You can generate transparent text watermarks, image watermarks, and graphic watermarks.
  • Help you add a new layer for all the stamps.
  • Support 40 or 128 bit encryption when set passwords for the output PDF files.
  • Support open password and owner password settings.
  • Set permissions to preventing result PDF files from printing, copying, editing or changing.
  • Video Tutorial

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