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How to convert DOCX to DOC?

Upload your DOCX file or input the URL of an online DOCX file, and then click Upload and Convert. Your DOCX file will be converted to DOC and then downloaded to your computer.

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All uploaded and converted documents will be deleted from our servers in a short time. Any access to our servers is strictly restricted.

Upload Limit: 10 MB.
You can only upload a file smaller than 10 MB each time.


Pros of DOCX - DOCX format has two advantages:

1. Smaller size

Compared with the equivalent DOC file, a DOCX file is much smaller. This is because the DOCX format is a collection of XML and other files compressed into a ZIP file. DOCX saves disk space as well as transmission time.

2. Change things in DOCX without opening with Word

You can open a DOCX file with a ZIP package managing application directly. Then, if there is an image in the DOCX file, you can replace this picture by the ZIP managing application without opening the DOCX by Office Word.

Cons of DOCX:

DOCX documents can only be opened and created by Office 2007 and later versions. It is not backwards compatible with former versions, while a DOC file can be opened by Office 97-2010.

Why need DOCX to DOC Converter?

If you don't have Office 2007 or later versions, or haven't installed a compatibility pack, you may need to convert a DOCX to DOC and then open it.

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