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What is VeryPDF Affiliate Program?

VeryPDF affiliate program allows publishers,bloger and web site owners to advertise VeryPDF products to their users and visitors, earning 30% commission for each referred sale. Simply put, VeryPDF affiliate program is a way for you to make money by referring customers to use VeryPDF software.

What are the costs of joining VeryPDF Affiliate Program?

Nothing! All you need to do is just creating an account on RegNow. All the money will be given to you instanstly after you make the sales.

Where do I place the banner or text link on my website?

Banner or text ad links can be placed just about anywhere you can imagine on your website. A variety of banner and text ads are provided to fit your layout scheme. Most affiliates find it best to place a banner horizontally on top or vertically on the right side of their website.

Affiliate Information about us in Regnow.
Our Regnow ID is 8554. All of our products are sold via Regnow.

If I do not want to buy through Regnow how should I do?

If you do want to buy software from Regnow, you can be our reseller. Once you become our reseller, you can get 10% discount when you buy our software. If you want to be our reseller, please send us your following information:

Name, Telephone Number

Address, Company Name

Email address, Skype ID(If you have)
Website URL, Reseller category

By the information above, we can contact you easily. If we have customers in your area and they want to buy locally, we will contact you and give you business.

What are the differences bwtween Affiliate Program and reseller?

If you want to join the Affiliate Program, you need to own a website, blog or others where you can place our products on it.

If you want to be our reseller, we just need that you can provide the information above to us.

If you have any question about our products, please send us a ticket at