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PDF Reducer - Advanced PDF Tools
Change Creator, Producer, Dates, Author, Title, Subject & Keywords
Compress PDF files and reduce the file size by compression and optimization
Resize, rotate PDF pages, set page margin, Set open actions, compress PDF files
JPEG2000, CCITT Group4, JPEG Image Compression for PDF documents

PDF Reducer gives several settings for reducing the size of PDF files. A number of the PDF Optimizer settings are equivalent for the settings that are available if you produce a PDF file making use of Distiller. Regardless of whether you use all of those settings or only several is dependent upon how you intend to make use of the files and on the essential attributes a file ought to have. In most cases, the default settings are suitable for optimum efficiency, saving space by removing embedded fonts, compressing pictures, and eliminating items from the file which are no more time needed.

Before you optimize a file, it's an excellent thought to audit the file's space utilization. The space audit results might give you ideas about exactly where greatest to decrease file dimensions. It is possible to also reduce the size of your PDF by making use of the Lessen File Dimensions command.

PDF Reducer Abilities:
PDF Reducer supports all version of PDF files.
PDF Reducer supports JPEG2000, JPEG, Flate compression for colour pictures in PDF files
PDF Reducer supports CCITT Group4, Flate compression for Black and White pictures in PDF files
PDF Reducer can get all normal data from PDF files
PDF Reducer supports set document Data fields
PDF Reducer exports the supply XML Metadata from PDF files
PDF Reducer supports Batch processing, return info from an person or quite a few PDF files
PDF Reducer supports insert a XML file into PDF files
PDF Reducer has the capability to set how the brand name new output file displays when opening
PDF Reducer supports command line operation (for manual use or inclusion in scripts)
PDF Reducer supports count PDF Pages and Returns the Numerical Amount
PDF Reducer has the capability to alter the internet web page dimension and page materials inside your PDF files
PDF Reducer supports resize web page dimensions to A3, A4, Letter, B4, B5, Legal, Custom made Dimension
PDF Reducer supports the page margin
PDF Reducer supports eliminate unused objects from PDF files
PDF Reducer supports drag and drop
Wildcards Supported - count all PDF Files' pages in a directory (*.pdf)
Complete Internet page Count - several PDF file page counts further collectively

PDF Reducer Tool has to be put in along with the output PDF dimension is reduced whilst retaining the material good quality. Two compression methods, Lossy and Lossless techniques are available to minimize the PDF dimensions. With Lossy compression PDF dimension is decreased however the misplaced information cannot be recovered totally. Lossless compression will not lessen quality from the pictures however the reduction of the file dimension will be lesser than that executed by the lossy compression. Both approaches have their positive aspects and are appropriate for decreasing distinct sort of images.

In PDF Reducer Command Line product, you can run following command line to reduce the PDF file size, just one command line is enough, it can be used easily,

PDFCompress -i c:\input.pdf

PDFCompress -i c:\input.pdf -o c:\output.pdf

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