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Advanced PDF Tools v2.0 User Manual

Advanced PDF Tools Introduction

    Advanced PDF Tools (Upgrade from PDF Information Editor software) help users to change or enhance their pdf files. These include Document Summary, Initial view, User Interface, Window option, Start Page, Page magnification, Page layout, Pages size, Page contents size, Page rotation, Page contents rotation, optimize PDF file, compress PDF file, Metadata, Custom Info fields and others.

Main Window

Advanced PDF Tools Features

Advanced PDF Tools Interfaces

Summary Panel

    Using summary setting function, user can edit pdf file summary information including title, subject, author, keywords, create date, modify date, creator, producer. Following is the summary setting interface .


If you want to change pdf document's title information, select one or more pdf file first, than select the Title checkbox, input new title in the right textbox. After finish setting, click Change button. The same way to change other summary information.

If you want append "Keywords" to existing PDF file, you may add a "+" symbol before the keywords, for example, "+pdf tools, pdf writer".

Open action Panel

Open action panel include initial view, user interface option and window option. Following is the Open action interface.

Initial View Section

    Initial view include the following options:

    Not change

        If you do not want to change pdf document's initial view you should select Not change option.

    Page only

        Neither document outline nor thumbnail images is visible. this function determine whether any of the extra panels on the left side of the document will appear when opened. If your document has no bookmarks and you see no need for display thumbnails, leave it set to Page only.

    Bookmarks and page

        This option determine whether display bookmarks or not when open the pdf file. If you want to display bookmarks select this option. 

    Thumbnails and page

        This option determine whether display Thumbnails or not when open the pdf file. If you want to display Thumbnails, select this option please.

    Open in full screen mode

        If select this option, the document will display in full screen mode with no menu bar, window controls, or any other window visible when the document is opening.


        Optional content group panel visible.

    Start page number

        Specify a page to be displayed first when the document is opened.


        Determine how pdf pages should look in the viewer.


Page layout Section

    Specifying the page layout to be used when the document is opened. Page layout include the following options :


        Display one page at a time.


        Display the pages in one column.


        Display the pages in two columns, with odd numbered pages on the left.


        Display the pages in two columns, with odd numbered pages on the right.


User interface Section

    These control which parts of Acrobat's own user interface should be hidden when this document is displayed. These are useful for when creating a full screen presentation or you don't wish users to use Acrobat's own UI.

User interface include the following options:

    Hide menu bar

        Specifying whether to hide the viewer application's tool bars when the document is active.

    Hide tool bar

        Specifying whether to hide the viewer application's menu bar when the document is active.

    Hide window control

        Specifying whether to hide user interface elements in the document's window (such as scroll bars and navigation controls), leaving only the document's contents displayed.

Window Options Section

    Resize window to initial page

        Specifying whether to resize the document's window to fit the size of the first displayed page.

    Center window on screen

        Specifying whether to position the document's window in the center of the screen.

    Display document title

        Specifying whether the window's title bar should display, the document title taken from the Title entry of the document information. If not select this option, the title bar should instead display the name of the PDF file containing the document.

Pages Panel

Following is the pages setting interface:

Rotate pages Section

    To rotate the pages, enter a rotation number into right combox in 90-degree increments.

Change page Info Section

    In the Page Size section of this panel, PDF Info Editor allows you to set the size of the page. You may leave the size unchanged by select no change. You can set the size to a predefined standard paper dimension (eg. Letter or A4) or a custom defined size of your choosing.

Set page scale

    To scale the page by a certain percentage, select Set page scale and enter the percentage.

Page content Section

    The settings in the Page Content section allow you to control the contents in the page. In most cases you'll use the default "Scale to Fit" option to have the page contents scaled the same amount as the Page size. Alternatively, you can select "Custom" and enter a specific value. You can also choose "No Scaling" to leave the page contents unchanged. The "No Scaling" feature is useful when you wish to crop out unused white space surrounding the contents of your PDF document.

Center on page

    Select this option to leave the page content center on page.

Increase pages margin

    If you want to increase the pdf document page's margin input value here.


    To rotate the contents of the page, enter a rotation number in 90-degree increments.

Set pages range

    Pages range setting determine which pages be affected by above setting .the default setting is all pages.


Optimization Panel

Following is the optimization interface:

You can remove all unused items from your PDF files within these options, this will make your PDF file smaller.

Image Panel

Following is the image interface:

On the Image panel, you select the Compression, Quality, Image size options for Color, Grayscale and Monochrome images.
Image compression is where you actually reduce the data in the image by lossless compression or by lossy compression, there are different algorithms for performing this operation and we offer you the choice of all those supported by Adobe Acrobat and PDF file, include Flate, JPEG, JPEG2000, CCITT G4 etc. types.


Metadata Panel

Consisting of general information about a document or a component of a document, such as its title, author, and creation and modification dates.

Following is metadata setting interface

you can set document's metadata information by select a xmp file with XML format.


Custom fields Panel

Besides change summary information by summary setting, you can add your own information . This editable list of items in the following interface lets you specify the keys and values that will appear in the different fields of Acrobat's Document Properties->Summary or Document Properties->Description dialog box. In addition to the standard items listed in the menu, you may add any custom items that you wish such as those specific to a document management system or indexing engine that you use.

    The key you want to add.
    This key's value.
    After set the key and the value, you can click "Add" button to add the information to the list box above. You also can delete info above by click “Delete” button.

If you want append "Custom Properties" to existing PDF file, you may add a "+" symbol to the first item in the list, for example,
"+Company"  => "VeryPDF.com Inc"
"Copyright"    => "VeryPDF"


Shortcut Menu

Show Files Info

    Select show files info menu PDF Info Editor will extract selected files info to a new window.

Change Selected File

    PDF Info Editor allow user process one or more selected files instead of all.

View Source File

    User can select this menu to view source pdf file selected in pdf file list. User can also double click on one source file to browse .

View Destination File

User can select this menu to view Destination pdf file selected in pdf file list. User can also double click on one Destination file to browse .

Delete All

    Select this menu PDF Info Editor will clear the file list box after confirm.


    Delete selected files in the file list box.