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Advanced PDF Tools is a PDF management application. It can set title, subject, author, keywords, create date, modify date, creator, producer document summary to a PDF file, it can also set open action, resize PDF pages, optimize PDF file, resize images, change metadata, custom fields, etc. options, it is a great product to process the PDF files.

Use PDF Document Summary Changer to update Title, Subject, Author, Keywords, Create Date, Modify Date, Creator, Producer fields
PDF Summary Maker enables you to change the summary data in many PDF files
Use PDF Page Numberer to get the page number from an existing PDF file
PDF Info Changer can be a utility for studying and altering the PDF file properties/metadata information
Shrink all images in PDF files by PDF SHRINK, remove unwanted objects
PDF Information Manager can be used to export and import information from/to PDF files
Reading and Writing PDF Document Information Properties by VeryPDF PDF Information Editor COM/SDK product
Advanced PDF Tools is support JPEG2000 compression arithmetic
PDF Compress product can be used to compress the PDF file size
Use PDF Optimizer to optimize your PDF files today
PDF Reducer gives several settings for reducing the size of PDF files.
PDF Linearization is really a fast and simple to use utility to maintain your PDF files
PDF Metadata is the most effective method to include or edit metadata
Compress PDF file and minimize the real size of PDF document with the VeryPDF PDF Compressor
PDF Page Counter may well be utilized to count the pages in PDF files speedily
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